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I will be in the Denver Area for the 6,000+  person Empower Network Event on July 17th – 21st

Here is the Free Bonus before I go into other details cause I know your wondering…

I am buying the first 4 lucky individuals that join me a ticket to the Empower Event (currently $187 right now) plus I am throwing in a  free 15 minute strategy session with my personal team coach! on 3 conditions

1.You must attend the Denver event and personally take a picture or video with me ;)

2. You must join empower network between July 1st – July 16th with me personally by click here -> Join Lawrence Tam Team

3. Once you join, you will need to buy yourself a ticket and then ATTEND the event. Contact our Team Trainer Traci Reuter (224-325-4767). She will confirm you did go to the event and will paypal or mail you a check to rebate your cost for the event ticket.


A room for 6,000 people!

This is what I love about events… that I get the chance to mingle and connect with people from all over the globe that I get to work with, train and watch while they become successful! I have teams from Japan, Hawaii, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Europe….. all coming to Denver to attest how real people get real results…

*income disclosure… results are not typical but when you attend we do this commission countdown segment where we ask how many people have made money with our teams…. and 95% at EVERY EVENT say they have… 95%…. made money. Most companies or things have 5% make money… we have FLIPPED the script on it… you gotta see it to experience it… Join My Team Here


Can you just go without joining me?

  1. This is for members only… You must own the custom affiliate blogging platform to even get in.
  2.  I want you to have a firm base foundation and starting point by committing so you have a firm grasp on your goals and motivation to get results.
  3. Events like these are so powerful that attending is sooo valuable. Not only do you learn about the business but you also walk away a new person…. the person that is sitting there right now inside raging to get out… the one you feel deep inside that always whispers in your ear wondering why you haven't done anything you really truly want to live… I promise you it's mind changing.
  4. I want you to experience my training AND my team atmosphere. The culture here is soooo rare you wonder why you didn't find out about it sooner.

Join Our Team Of Thousands… I want you to see magic happen first hand with 6,000 of our close team members here in Denver
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