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In 2011, the Lawrence Tam Empower Network earned almost $72,000 in 56 days. Then, on October 2012, Tam achieved the $100,000-per-month threshold, making him the number-one earner among 40,000 members. How did this happen? Here, you will learn more about Lawrence Tam and how he managed to become a leader in the direct selling industry and still have time to be a coach and trainer to new marketers all the while doing it part time as a Mechanical Engineer, Husband, and Father of 3.

About the Top-Earning Lawrence Tam Empower Network

What sets Lawrence Tam apart from the average online marketer is that he constantly learns anything and everything he can get his hands on. Meanwhile, an average online marketer usually gives up after a few attempts.

It comes down to DRIVE… Lawrence wanted to make his dad proud… being a middle child surrounded by PHD and ultra successful family and friends…. This IS how Lawrence was going to show his dad he did it.

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After graduating from the University of Texas in Austin with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering back in 2000, Lawrence thought he was on his way to success as a mechanical engineer. While his degree helped him in a lot of aspects, he still found himself struggling and later on found himself delving into the world of network marketing.

When he started the Lawrence Tam Empower Network, Lawrence was still working in his main career. While his degree helped him in many aspects of his business, it did not really help him much in the home business department. Not satisfied with his pay, he started marketing online during the evenings, hoping to make an extra $5,000 and improve his family’s quality of life. But the thing is, Lawrence did not just earn the amount he wished for—he made much more than that. With no background in marketing, he crossed the enviable milestone of $100,000 in just one month, making Lawrence the talk of the town among online marketers.

Being ranked as the top earner of the Empower Network has inspired Lawrence to continue making an impact in the field of online marketing. He credits his success to what he has learned from the company and from other online marketers through the years and how he applied them to both professional and personal aspects of his life. Network marketing provided him an income stream that did not only end his struggle from financial burdens, but also helped him improve his family’s quality of life.

Aside from being an active member of the Empower Network, Lawrence is also a coach to serious entrepreneurs who want to learn his ways and copy his succes. He provides his students with tools that they need in building a successful home-based business through online marketing.

Lawrence is a real person—he is a father to 3 children and a husband to his high-school sweetheart. He is not an imaginary marketer that network marketers set up to recruit newbies. Lawrence loves to watch movies and play games, though he tries to spend less time doing these to have more time with his family. In fact, other online marketers who want to know his secret to success have a hard time reaching him because when he is not taking the Lawrence Tam Empower Network to new heights, he is usually on vacation, on a date with his wife, or he is bonding with his kids.


Lawrence Tam’s Journey Through Online Marketing

The Lawrence Tam Empower Network is a system that provides all the training that its members need in order to generate a monthly income. According to one of its top-earning members, as long as you can write and post a blog, you can make money with this biz.

This endeavour has become so successful that by 2012, the Lawrence Tam Empower Network has risen to the top 420 in its Alexa ranking. A web information company that ranks all of the websites existing in the Internet, Alexa compares each one based on factors such as web traffic.

Believe it or not, Lawrence Tam did not achieve this overnight. Before, he tried different ways of earning extra while he was still working full-time as a mechanical engineer. He tried paid surveys, sweepstakes, typing at home, selling stuff on eBay, paid affiliate links, search-engine gifts, and many more. While the initial online marketing efforts he made were successful, he ran through all 100 of his friends and family very quickly. When this happens, an average network marketer usually gives up, but what Tam did instead was he learned more about the Internet. He started following a bunch of other online marketers and stuck with those whom he think would help him succeed. While this did not really earn him that $100,000 overnight, Lawrence’s approach led him to this threshold in one month.

After some time of reassessment and learning, he found his perfect lead-generation-and-conversion techniques. His first breakthrough happened after he read Magnetic Sponsoring—yes, he actually read an extensive marketing guide and applied it to his endeavour. Inspired by what he learned there, he finally generated his first online lead. From there, he started refining his skills to become more efficient in what he already knows. After all, when it comes to doing business you never learn too much—anything you study can always be applied there.


The Success Behind Lawrence Tam Empower Network

For Lawrence, the idea of building a recurring stream of income is to build a business that will earn you money while you are working, taking a vacation, and even sleeping. He believes that not many do not need to become a full-time online marketer in order to make some serious money. If he already likes his main job, then there’s no reason to leave it. With this thinking, he took advantage of the network marketing opportunity, generating at least 40 leads a day while working full time as a mechanical engineer.

Lawrences’s wait-and-learn approach—one that has been proven effective by an entrepreneur now and then but most find too boring to attempt – made it happen. In one year, Lawrence’s subscribers tripled even though he only works for a few hours each day. Today, the success of Lawrence Tam Empower Network is credited to the millions of visitors who go to the website each month as well as the visibility of its member blogs in various search engine results, which drives all the traffic to the website.


Lawrence Tam

Funny dude who grew up in Houston, and retired from Mechanical Engineering at the age of 33. Has 3 kiddos and happily married and marketing full time since 2012. Learn how to take control of your life and health through a simple challenge to keep you healthier one day at a time - Click Here to Learn More.


Jackie Jackson · April 11, 2013 at 6:31 pm

Hello lawrence
I have been doing some research on empower network and seems like a great online company to work for. Just being able to see how happy, be yourself and come as you are in some videos of the empower networking meetings. I’m a newbie to online marketing/sales. I really would love to join empower networks to learn more about the business in the present and future so I can to make money and be able to enjoy life with my family. I think it is magnificent what DAVE SHARPE and DAVE WOOD are doing. So if or when you have time reply back anytime. THANKS.

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