Network marketing and MLM recruiting have been around for a long time. It’s not a new industry, it’s just that the way it is being handled nowadays is very different from the way things were a decade ago. Network marketing recruiting is all about building leads, and in this day and age where almost everything is ruled by the internet, internet lead generation is now the main focus. Anyone in network marketing has or will try to tap into this type of downline building and who can blame them? With the ability to reach a wider audience in a shorter amount of time and with less effort, it’s no surprise that online lead generation is the new in thing.

Internet lead generation isn’t all about gaining leads, but this is where you start. In the old days, you had to build your list of leads manually by contacting friends, family, and through your other social circles. You might even be talking to strangers to build your downline. These days, lead generation online can be done through your website or blog – a lead capture page that will generate traffic, hence giving you prospects.

Making and maintaining contact with the leads you generated is the next step to mlm recruiting. Before, you would have to call or write your contacts one by one. At times, you might even set up personal business meetings with them. However, with internet lead generation, we now have what we call email auto-responders, which takes care of sending out replies to queries and follow-ups on your leads. It also helps in sifting out leads, so you are left with just the qualified contacts.

Presentations are a big part of MLM recruiting and in the past, presentations would require you to be present to deliver it. You had to physically show up to talk to them and present the opportunities and plans you have. These days, you don’t even have to be in the same city to be able to present. Internet lead generation involves Powerpoint presentations, video conferences, and even online drawing sessions make it possible for you to get your message across even if you are miles away from your prospect. Following up after you have presented is also easier, as this can be done through email, Skype, and other means which can reach larger numbers of people in a single time.

Though most contact will come in the form of emails, video calls, or online presentations, there is still a great amount of importance given to trying to build a good relationship with your prospect. What internet lead generation cannot fully replace is the deep, long-term relationship you create with your leads when you meet with them personally. It’s important to make time to create this, as your “online relationship” might dissolve if left to fend for itself without any real interaction. Internet lead generation is a great way to build your mlm opportunity; just make sure to exert right amount of post-generation interaction.

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Lawrence Tam · August 20, 2010 at 8:15 am

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Great post Lawrence.
We hope to meet you at the next event.

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