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The world of internet network marketing is amazing. There is no other industry on this earth that combines both the team building that is so essential with mlm and the leveraged technology of the internet.

Many people originally get involved with network marketing to make a bit of side income on the side. Unfortunately, many people just simply do not succeed at marketing their business offline. Not because it doesn't work, just because they either don't know what they are doing due to bad mentorship, or because they give up realizing that offline methods may duplicate but they do so at a slow pace.

internet network marketing

Thus, the golden solution…. internet network marketing.

The biggest difference in internet network marketing is that if you understand direct response marketing, you will never need to hold a home meeting again.

You know, one of those awkward situations where you try to get uncle bob to come over and the woman that helped your mom give birth to you at the hospital. Yeah, those. You can say goodbye to them as well as hotel meetings, cold calls, and buying an endless list of genealogy leads that honestly probably all hate you anyhow right from the moment you call them.

Internet network marketing works on VALUE

Meaning people come to you, want to talk to you and see what you are all about because of the value you have created in their lives.

Now there is a lot of ways to do this with internet network marketing. All of them are good, whether it is content marketing, blogging, paid advertising, video marketing or any other such medium.

Every tactic works, it is the underlying principles you need to understand before going out and using these tactics.

Internet Network Marketing is About Being a Pain Counselor

Internet Network Marketing 101 dictates finding out who your market is, discover their pain and offer them the solution to their pain

Master this one principle and you can become amazingly rich in internet network marketing.

Once you understand this principle, you can speed up your internet network marketing success by learning from those who have already walked the walk.

When I say this, I mean two things:

1. A good internet network marketing based team to join
2. A system that can support and explode internet network marketing based strategies.

If you go out and try to learn internet network marketing all by yourself, there is a good chance you are not going to succeed. There is just so much out there that doesn't work but costs a lot of money. You may just end up spending yourself out of a business before you even really get going.

That is why it is such a good idea to join an internet network marketing team who are having success with what you want to do. As a rule of thumb, every good internet network marketing team knows that the mainstay of their business is going to be the new people in their business, the part-timers, and the people just starting out for the first time in internet network marketing ever.

Which logic dictates that this team would also have simple strategies that you can employ and get started with right away.

As you plug into their team trainings and strategies, it will give you time to grasp the whole internet network marketing model. As you grasp the model, you will grow in your skill-sets and be able to accomplish more complicated and even more profitable tasks.

All the while being able to have the support and the combined knowledge of a successful internet network marketing team who has “been there, done that”.

People who knows what works and what doesn't work.

Like the motto: “Earn while you learn”

It cuts out a lot of time being pissed at your computer.

Along with a team, you a need a good internet network marketing system. Now a system really can be anything that does these 3 things:

1. Get traffic
2. Convert traffic to leads
3. Convert leads to sales

Honestly, it can be as simple as you setting up your own capture page, auto responder and a sales page with a “Buy Now” button.

Don't let that deceive you though. Though it can be “simple” in appearances, it can be amazingly complex to have a good internet network marketing system.

Just in that example above you first need to know how to:

Get hosting
Get your own domain
How to build a capture page/sales page
• Learn good copywriting that converts (otherwise you're throwing money away in a big way)
Learn how to actually bring traffic to that capture page (Very hard when you don't know what to do yet)
Have an email auto responder series that can groom your leads into customers
• And a lot more…

Not only that, but imagine if your system worked! What are you going tell the new guy?

hahahhah. They would run.

Short Cut -> My Preferred Internet Network Marketing System
What I Produced Part Time in 4.5 months Online In A Traditional MLM

internet network marketing

Did This With My Online System In 4.5 Months Part Time

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To go out and spend hundreds of hours learning all of the above before they can get their first lead online? That is a internet network marketing system setup for failure.

You want your new members to get started as fast as possible, just like how you want to start seeing results as quickly as imaginable.

That is why I recommend a internet network marketing system that is pre-made, customized for conversions and success.

The easiest strategy for a new person in internet network marketing to start succeeding with is simply by blogging daily. This is also the best way for a new person to really learn the ropes too, because they will educate themselves as they write and build value for others. So first things first, a good internet network marketing system should have a blog pre-set-up so you don't need to spend anytime at all doing anything in terms of layout and conversion customizations.

Instead, you can just start blogging right away.

internet network marketing

yes. 442 blog posts on ONE viral blog I own

The next thing a good internet network marketing system needs is high converting capture pages. While you can easily create your own capture pages, especially later on, it is useful to have ones preloaded that you can start using right away.

The most important part of a internet network marketing system is taking all of this, the blog, the capture pages, the highly converting offers, and wrapping them into an educational platform for you. While it is good to throw traffic at something that converts heavily, it is even more powerful if you understand why that internet network marketing system converts heavily.

Understanding how internet network marketing works literally will allow you to write the check of your own destiny. You will be able to accomplish anything you desire, as long as you follow my two core tenets:

1. Join a internet network marketing team having success with their marketing.
2. Make sure that team is using a internet network marketing system that you don't need to do ANY customization to and can start driving traffic to right away.

Follow those two tenets and it will cut down the time till your internet network marketing success in a huge way.

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