Have you ever wondered how much is a Superbowl ring worth?

Before even asking that… have you stopped to think what it means to get one? Yes it's for athletes who achieve something big… but how did an athlete get there? What was the hard journey they had to live and go through to get their ring?

Basically they dreamed. It lead them to do and continue because they knew what they wanted… They wanted the experience of the game, the moment, of getting better.
If you want to dream.. you first gotta learn how to dream what you want.


What is a Superbowl Ring Worth To A Non Athlete?

Check this out. That is me wearing a Superbowl ring. I will get to how I (an average Joe ) got one below.

how to dream what you want

1) I married the woman of my dreams (she was a grade higher, she was 18 months older, I was without money, I was without a car, and I didn't speak the same native language of her parents… mandarin…. yeah that's important)

Got married and bought my wife a ring while I was laid off for 18 months.


Cause I knew this was the one, and I wanted to show her parents their ONLY child, ONLY daughter will be financially okay with this no money, no car, no job Cantonese boy.

Being a parent now I can understand the anxiety of their only daughter being married to a jobless Cantonese boy who is living off of their daughter.

In Chinese cultures this isn't common and not acceptable behavior regardless if your live in the USA or elsewhere.

So getting a ring was a commitment to my wife AND her parents that I will take care of their daughter and the their grand kids to come.

My dream was built using the sound foundation of internet marketing delivering value automatically to thousands here:


2) I was told internet marketing doesn't work and no one would buy a blog. I've been blogging since 2009 and heavily since 2011 when google ppc slapped me off their network.

I never made the money necessary to retire from engineering until recently…

My goal to retire from engineering was $12k/month and I put a date on when I turned 40 years old. That gave me over 10 years to get my education, learning materials, and experience to transition from engineering to home based business internet marketing.

UNTIL I put my ego in my pocket and worked with those who had accomplished more, wanted more for their team, wanted their teams to make more, wanted to help MORE…..

it was my ego

Let go of the ego

Why my ego was preventing me from hitting my $12k/month goal in my business.

a) it was a road block that “WHY” would I sell someone else's materials when I can do it better.

this was totally a pride/ego thing because it's not what you feel is good, it's what your audience, list, customers feel is good.

b) working on non-income producing activities. This was a killer when you only have 2-3 hours a day and your trying to do it all thinking only YOU can do it.

It was pride/ego/ignorance

I allowed my mind to prevent me for years from hitting my mark and ALMOST got me to quit in 2010.

I was burned out, lost, and just flat out tired of making $5k/month working my side internet business doing 20-30hrs a week on it.

I was tired…..

then I put my pride aside.

be a student, seek Jesus for guidance, love your own life

The rings symbolize that in sickness or brokeness (yes I made that up) our life together is always moving forward together. The rings show us that with faith, consistency, and just sheer passion you can build a strong bond.


A Unity.

A life worth living.

A story worth reading.

It gives people hope….

Hope i didn't have in 2011 when I wanted to QUIT…

when I wanted to step away from internet marketing after only making $5k/month but not growing, not having people succeed in my teams, not having clients blow up…

It's hope


Keep the hope alive. Your Dream Alive

To know that all of the time I spent reading, listening to audios, diving into my business will NEVER be forgotten.

That the late nights, the birthday money I spent on internet marketing products, the redeye flights home from a marketing event, the countless prospects who said… “NO, I'm not interested”

it was the belief, the hope, the dream

Keep Calm, Keep the dream alive!

keep your personal dream alive and dive into automated marketing systems, automated list building, high value products/services, and high throughput traffic.

 Superbowl Ring's Worth and Internet Marketing?

Traffic -> Marketing System -> Followup to Sale


This process is symbolized in the million dollar earner ring I earned in 18 months part time. That is my Superbowl ring above… Basically the company that makes them made these rings for those that have earned over 1 million dollars online. I realized now before I even started that I didn't know or expect to get this but it's the journey, want and dream I had. The Superbowl's ring's worth is more than monetary… it's about the action taken to get to this point.

Look, no where in my personal story of retiring from engineering to be a full time dad did I want to get a ring that proved I joined an elite group of people who earned a million.

My goal was to help people succeed when failure was so common.

Everyone said I was crazy to chase dreams of making money from home.

Everyone said I was crazy try to do a non traditional income career like internet marketing.

Now everyone sees this crazy Asian sporting a million dollar earner ring that was ONLY given to those who deliver HIGH END value to the community.


What value?

1) showing people how pure internet marketing can help them in

– real estate
– travel agents
– accountants
– all private businesses (restaurants, dry cleaner, dog groomer, lawn care…..)

Basically anyone looking to attract customers and potential prospects.

Here is one of my workshops we did in Denver in 2013 with about 300 people learning internet marketing.

2) Using the process of:

– Niche Blogging
– List Building
– Facebook profiles
– Facebook pages
– Facebook ppc
– Google ppc
– Youtube video marketing
– Youtube ppc
– Pinterest buyer traffic
– Solo ad marketing
– Direct mail post cards
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– etc….

all of this applies to ANYone building brands, driving pure traffic, and making sales for THEM.

It's education.

It's putting the pride down and learning that people are in need to learn how this all goes down.

Empowering people by HELPING them by showing the basic principle of marketing funnels/systems, driving traffic, and monetizing is where I come in.

My vision that anyone can produce a part time income that will surpass their own personal income.

The day you see your own side business pull in MORE than what a doctor makes?

That's when things get a little nutty.

now… Income Disclaimer – results are not typical and of course will take hard work and dedication to the craft. Learning and applying as you go.

If you are looking for nonprofit businesses you can contact me directly as I'm building water wells and schools in Uganda.

If you want to learn HOW to build a solid part time income that puts you on the beaches of the world helping MORE people than you could have before…


 Forget about the Superbowl Ring's Worth and First Find Your Dream To Start You Journey To Get One

Here are your instructions:

1) Before diving into the technical, dive into WHY you want to even make money. Don't do it to JUST make money. Do it for the time it frees up for you to do ….. WHAT?

mine was so I could spend more time with my kids

2) Get a HUGE dream. Write it on paper. Be super details. You must write it down. Writing down your goals and getting SUPER CLEAR to what you want to achieve and why it will help you is super important before diving into income producing businesses.

3) Have a healthy relationship with money. I encounter so many clients of mine who have unhealthy relationships with money like not being okay being paid from another person. They feel they can only be paid by a corporation or a “boss”.

Sounds silly, but it's a fact.

People will jump to conclusions about rendering services/products for money and call all of that silly names cause they don't understand that's how business works today.

Give value -> get paid market price for it.

Get right in your mind that when you deliver good value, you will be compensated what the market will bear.

once you are set with that…

4) Get ready to learn pure marketing

– traffic
– systems
– ad copy
– followup systems
– conversions
– team building
– etc…..

and ALL of this can be learned PART TIME.

How do I know this?

I'm living proof and the ring shows I've helped a LOT do the same. Giving extreme value to my clients and exceeding expectations.

Now it's your turn to dive in and reach your dreams even if it's getting there one night at a time like I have done… but now you got a short cut cause I'm doing the teaching when I didn't have a mentor.

I spent $40k+ to get my mechanical engineering education from the University of Texas at Austin.

And what it showed me was education is key to unlocking high end earnings even if it's not in your specific area or industry. Embrace learning


“learn to how to learn” and forget about what the Superbowl ring's worth.

Click the link below to see the process and systems you can duplicate and learn part time like I have done:

Let Me In 


PS. income disclaimer – results are not typical and no guarantee you will also get a spouse or a million dollar earner ring.

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