Are you selling online by learning from Ebay, Craigslist, and Amazon? Is this your base model to how to sell a product online?

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Being resourceful is the key to selling a product online

If you have an eye for opportunity Amazon, Ebay, and Craigslist have already intrigued you. Today there are  many ways to make money online. But most people want to know how to sell a product or how to sell their stuff online. Because you might have made a purchase on one of those platforms you may already realize it's an industry that has great potential. The real question you have though is how you can sell a product online and actually make life changing money.

As well this new digital world offers us so many how to sell online Joe Chance How To Sell a Product Onlinemethods that I will speak to just a few in this post.   But I will provide you with a top level best product to sell online checklist” at the end. To avoid the overwhelming array of choices on how to sell products, how to sell clothes, and how to sell stuff online I will save the technical lessons for a future post. Also don't be shy about digging deeper into the categories and other resources on the right side column.

Building a List- Viral Sustainability-
say what?

The whole point of selling online is the leverage that you have from the mass markets of buyers. When you are able to tap into an enormous market and then “capture” that market by building a list of potential customers you will safe guard your success. They don't teach you how to sell a product online in college. So “list building” is something you need to learn as you develop your online business.

The college level traditional how to sell courses are geared in old sales principals that do not account for terms like, “crowd sourcing” and “viral sustainable business models” which may be confusing. But the reality of how to sell online today is so much more lucrative and easier to learn when you have the right mentor, training material, and systems of selling online.

The point behind this post on how to sell a product is to get your options lined up. Then you need to embrace the business model and allow yourself to capture the variations of how to sell a product as a “virtual entrepreneur” online. If you are the owner of a business that makes products you need learn which new channels of how to sell your company’s products are best.  

One example of a new phase of products sales is in the diet and weight loss industry. When people seek weight loss products they will search for weight loss tips or for company content on that subject like, It Works Reviews that focus on those products. If you're an It Works distributor this post is ideal for you. Most MLM type companies do not properly teach how to sell their products or recruit new members.


 “Facebook Store Fronts”, a new model for how to sell a product

Each day there are some 1.2 billion people that “socialize” on the Facebook platform.  As in all nature people adapt, overcome, and adjust not only their day-to-day behaviors but they force change in the business models that are in place to serve them. As such innovators have found ways to use the Facebook social platform to generate sales and is perhaps one of the best answers to the question, how to sell a product online in the digital world.

People may be slow to change how they have been conditioned in their selling and business practices but with every new day, a new device is created allowing new tools to evaluate the traditional business principals of “supply and demand.” Selling online has improved the economies of scale that have generally kept product sales moving from the traditional off line marketing to more and more online selling.

What Facebook has done is develop a “niche” channel that top sales leaders can pump for maximum returns as they sell products online through their Facebook storefronts. How to sell a product on Facebook is a process. There are strategies and pitfalls for Facebook stores that require serious observation and careful presentation.

Facebook will punish those that side step or over step, the privileges that Facebook has given to the alleged social community in allowing selling products online.  Examples of how not to sell a product on Facebook would involve situations where people post “desperate” pleas for a sale. These may take the form of “click this link for the best product in the solar system.”



How to sell a product online with a facebook storefront


Or it may be a little square ad on the side of Facebook that is an eye catching strategy with some “copy” in the title like “how to sell a product fast” or “if you want to know how to sell a product online” and get rich quick kind of material. Those graphics and text image might be similar to these.

Sell On Facebook


another sell on facebook example









The best response that I can show you with “how to sell a product online” with Facebook in mind will look more like this.  Think about the fact that Facebook brings large masses of people together and then segments them into communities. Well if you want to know how to sell a product online to someone, you need to consider “which online community” to introduce the product to.

[bctt tweet=”Think about the fact that Facebook brings large masses of people together and then segments them “]


This is also called a “niche market” and is

deciding how to sell online

where product sales online tend to make the most profit. But… and there’s a BIG BUT to manage. So the “how to sell a product online using a Facebook Niche Group is really going to take some focus to get the “finesse” down. I suggested the “Pereto/Vital Few” theory above as a focal point that can make or break your product sales in the online group.

The how to part in this situation is to sell your product online after you have generated a large and very interested response group, “qualified buyers”.

When you know who your interested prospects are you’ll know how to sell a product by connecting with their online community


So, how do you generate a “very interested audience” for your online product sales strategy?

You learn how to create a fan page or a Facebook group that engages in chats about a specific subject matter related to your product. You will need to do your research on the demographics of people that are searching for how to buy your product online, or that have bought your product online in the past. With the complete omnipresence of information on the net, this is an easy task … (SEE THE FREE CHECKLIST FOR TOOL RESOURCES)


People are online all day. They are seeking how to get here, and how to get there. They want to know how to make this and how to make that. Even you have searched for how to sell a product online and presumably how to make money online or even how to start a business at home. All of those phrases are fine examples of how easy it is to define terms and resources using the Internet.  The difficulty with your quest of how to sell a product online will be in the task of organizing the most profitable online method.

Spending a few hours researching the demographics of who uses or enjoys your products will then give you that targeted audience, or consumer profile, of that person you want to reach; to then start marketing your product to for your sales online.


Now you’re ready to answer how to sell a product online to that person by considering various models

Shifting away from the Facebook method of how to sell a product online let’s consider a few other choices. What did your “gut’ tell you to do when you first started searching for how to sell a product online. A few thoughts came to the surface like, Etsy, Craigslist, Amazon, perhaps a store?  All of these thoughts must blend with the concept of your product. As well if you have a product that you have made or designed by others that you are simply wishing to sell online.

Examples of products may be of “private label” or vitamins, lotions, and soaps all come to mind. There are millions of people selling products. As well as thousands of companies, that will have you selling their products. However, the consistent issue with how to sell a product online is in the MARKETING EDUCATION. Hence, why you are reading this article and why you are on this “niche education blog” on the topics relevant to this article.

You can power up your product sales online by having your own web site. This too has many variations and folds to open. (best web site suggestions are included in the free checklist)

One example of how to sell a product online with a company that provides you with a “store front”

static storefront online
 This is the storefront page of a very well-known nutrition product company. In this circumstance, the “marketing” is graphically powerful and attractive, and the good-looking people and products tend to capture your eye. However, as you peel back the layers this may not be the answer to your how to sell a product online quest and here is why.
This type of business model targets to have you not only sell products but also more importantly have you as a consumer of the product. If you are a major consumer of the product then maybe this is for you. Even then, you still will have a big looming and unanswered…
“How do I sell this product online” as the web storefront looks great but is not made to deliver customers specifically to you. Therefore,… here is your how to sell a nutrition product online SHOCKER…. Unless you have created your own nutrition drink or system, you are likely joining a company that makes more money by the people that enroll in the business and “purchases of the products” than the products they sell to their customers.

The reason for that is two-fold.

1: companies want their online sellers to be buyers because it instills a loyalty and a belief system that if the online seller is buying it… the online seller will be more confident in selling it.

2: with the hope that online sellers will have a certain percentage of close family or friends that will buy just because the seller knows them and mentions it to them the company will increase its sales base. Then the sales force will expand while the original group fades out of the business.

Though selling to your close family and friends is an answer to the how to sell a product online question it does not provide you with a long term, high profit, “life changing” way to sell a product online. If you want to sell a product and have a store front online like they have established you’re going to be much more successful if you “learn how to market the product online” as you get going.

See the follow up blogs and other material attached to this post for your best source of education and training on internet marketing systems that will take you levels beyond these sales methods.


Another example of how to sell a product online using a storefront online is Etsy….

Etsy is another way to sell a product online

With Etsy an artist that makes fine jewelry, or like myself a hobbyist that makes furniture out of refurbished antique wood your answer to how to sell a product like jewelry or furniture online is answered. You can go to and get your store set up. However, before getting too invested in that quest of how to sell a product online you need to consider several other business concerns.

First is when developing your online store with Etsy, Facebook,  or even using the made for you store in some of the vitamin, coffee, oil and lotion product companies you must consider “competition” , attracting customers, and CONVERTING SALES ONLINE….

The “storefront” or “profile” that’s reserved for your customer viewing is merely a static piece of the Internet. Of course in Etsy you will have some natural views by people within the community that can take a life of it’s own. However, in the circumstance of a larger company with thousands of people learning how to sell a product online that uses duplicate stores you are completely off in space without knowing what I will introduce below.

For those of you that are more than curious about how to sell a product online and are wishing to grow your own online business I urge you to follow my posts and those on Lawrence’s blog as the deeper systems and tools are provided.




consumer online traffic

Of course you realize this post is not telling you how to sell the products of “planes, trains, and automobiles” (P,T,& A) online but there is one concept that connects the theory. When you explore how to do anything, you always get to several root elements needed to accomplish the desired result. With that in mind here are the ten best things about P,T & A that fill in the comprehensive model of how to sell a product online in a digital world…

  1. To sell a product online, 1st a product must exist and 2nd it must have a buyer waiting online to buy get it: P,T,& A….demonstrated the need for organized travel and communication. When you are selling a product online you must have communication in place… and a way to organize your sales process
  2. How to organize your online sales process, should be tackled by having a formula in place that has achieved great success before; P,T,& A has nothing to add to winning formula’s in a complete manner but one aspect that runs through is “consistency, tenacity, and testing different modes” it rarely ever works perfectly on the first run…
  3. Products come and go online systems deliver, how many vitamin companies exist… what makes your vitamin more unique than another is the marketing and the systems used to reach your customer… get the best marketing system…. P,T, & A traveling from point a to point b took many turns… and substitution ruled the day
  4. Marketing a brand when selling a product online has it’s place; having an NFL player represent your product immediately opens your product to brand recognition to an existing fan base that when tapped can grow your product sales online through contagion, build your systems to develop raving fans and you’ll have rapid sales online; P,T, & A getting over the hurdles of the day took the branding of “charisma” and tolerance…
  5. Planning how to sell a product online before trying to sell a product online avoids pitfalls, wasted time, wasted money, and lost profits; P,T,& A don’t we see a comedy of bad choices that deliver only more bad choices until the end of it
  6. Systems to deliver your message for your sales process are for more important than anything else; selling a product requires a way to reach your customer and let them know what your offer is and you also want to be able to communicate when they reject the 1st offer and deliver a 2nd and 3rd until they buy as well as communicate after they’ve bought with future online sales and enormous growth; P,T,& A ha… just a working phone and a possible solution would have been seconds away
  7. A wide net that funnels your customers to your communications will deliver consistent online sales and incredible growth, using the traffic on the Internet and certain tools to reach a targeted customer in the masses with profit; P,T, & A yah…. Um… no connection…maybe you can think of one and share it…

Ok so we see seven of the best things about P,T,& A and actually a bit of copy and craft to demonstrate how to sell a product online by creating a likeable image. When selling a product online you do not want to ignore the playfulness or seriousness of your target market. The best way to sell a product online is to make an impression. [pullquote]The best way to sell a product online is to make an impression.[/pullquote] Therefore, how to make that impression and sell a product online with your system is only limited to your imagination. If you were to ask how to sell a product online ten years ago the answer would be filled with traditional branding and marketing verbiage.

Hey do they smoke in restaurants anywhere in the United States today?

Of course not because we’re in the digital age and everyone knows that smoking will eventually cause you to have a slow and painful death. Everyone knows that because they all search the Internet. So… as our world has extinguished old marketing madness with the “Marlborough Man” we’ve gone into new zones of growth and our how to sell a product online today… can be perfected by a 12 year old at home on Mamma’s laptop.


So, a little recap on how to sell a product online in the digital age.

The first focus you must consider on how to sell a product online is if you are selling your product or the product of others. Then we go to the Internet and our search for how to sell a “specific” product; will be tailored to who uses and enjoys that product. We create a profile of the people that have either bought, queried, commented on, and generally meet a classification of what we will consider a potential customer of our product.

[bctt tweet=”Are you selling your product or an affiliate product?”]

Then in our how do we sell a product online thought process…we go on to researching the various business opportunities in existence. We will compare the cost for entry, the marketing material, the training on how to sell a product with the company resources, and the commission structure. Remembering that this is now the Digital Age we want to leverage the resources available.

We will consider the various tools and advertising portals that will bring us the best-qualified customers and then we set the systems in place. Now is a great time to learn how to sell a product online because there are so many ways to leverage the Internet that if you choose the right model you are guaranteed to grow.

In keeping with the tone of this post, I have prepared a free checklist and suggestions of resources that will assist you with your entrepreneurial goals. To get the list you simply need to fill in the button at the bottom and you will then be redirected to a form where you will drop your email in and get on the mailing list to receive the download of the checklist.

This checklist will provide you with links to the very specific tools, web pages, and resources that are used by the top leaders in the industry that sell all types of products online. You will also be given the opportunity to submit a brief survey that will guide the next posts and material that is provided as follow up to the large audience of people seeking information on how to sell a product online and how to build a business from home and so forth.

Your interest and comments below are very much appreciated. You are  invited to take a deep exploration of all the valuable information within the categories of this blog.

Also, please visit my blog and you will find other free information that will show you the wide variety of styles and systems in place that people all around the world are using.



If you want to compete online and have virtual income you must consider this list of important factors in your product selection and business model. Follow this checklist

  1. Will you be selling a product that you are creating, manufacturing, yourself or are you selling someone eases product online?
  2. Presuming you've done your homework and actually read this entire post and the other posts connected to this blog and referenced in this post; how much thought have you given to “affiliate marketing” and simply selling a product that has already been through design and development by somebody else?
  3. Once you have selected the product and assuming it is an affiliate marketing program you must now consider the compensation plan. Is this plan current with the pioneering of the new 100 % commission model? If not, why not? and what is the real data sets available on the last 3 years of average sales of the “TOP EARNERS”… why, top earners?  simple.. why would you compare yourself with the bottom level when you got involved in this business did you truly do so hoping to be just average… or was your hope to being a top product seller.



And now it's your turn: What tips or questions do you have about selling a product/service online?
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