In the times where everything is going digital, from grocery shopping to buying electronics to growing businesses, everything is now online. Every start-up aims to reach masses in less time and with a digital approach, it has rather become easier than the old monotonous marketing techniques.

Concurrently, people are not aware of the new age social media therefore, they have no knowledge of how social media helps them attract more audience to their business. Here are a few points to follow those can assist you in managing your social media figure and not only maintain your active audience but attract the potential one as well.

Having more audience into your business figure is never bad, no one says ‘I have enough consumers for my business, I don’t need more’, everyone aims for more and more. Hence, here’s how you can have more and more audience.

Don’t be incognito, hold online contests

What some organizations do is they make social media profiles and then forget that they have one! To put it simply, they do not update it from time to time, which makes a bad impression about their services. Personally, I also receive a bad impression of any company if they have not properly updated their social media profiles. Therefore, you must be actively active on your social media accounts and try to engage as much audience as you can.

One of the techniques is to hold online contests, the biggest way to keep your audience engaged with your brand. Free contests and gifts are a love for people. You can hold knowledge-based contests which would even provide good information to people. Other than this, if you are holding an offline event, go live from your social media handles. This would make people believe that you involve in some of the other activity.

Be active on social media, post regularly

Usually, in order to build a name in the offline market, the business owners forget that they have an online market as well to maintain. Therefore, as a start-up or well-established business owner, you must also keep posting some of the other content via your social media profiles. Now the biggest question arising is what to post? Well, obviously something related to your niche of the services you provide.

Include visuals in each post

Text is boring. If I view 3-4 posts in a day containing all text, I would just swipe without even paying attention to it. Visuals are not only interesting but tend to attract more audience than the running text no matter how much efficiently you have written it. I am a content writer myself but I have to admit to this fact. My text would not create as much impact as a visual would on the audience. If you invest hours on writing and designing a perfect paragraph then I suggest investing time in graphic designing will be more of use.

Be responsive to your online community

There are times when people reach out to you randomly through searches, ads, suggestions, and keywords. They may ask stupid or unrelated questions but you have to be polite enough to answer them without ignoring them, it would create a negative image of your company. Sometimes you would also get requests for internships, hiring, collaborations, guest appearances and many other topics, based on your requirement, you must reply to each message. Even comments, many people would reach you out through comments of your posts, be responsive enough to your online community.

Upload content ‘of interest’ to your online community

Uploading content that is temporarily useful, is of no use. Upload content and graphics those are evergreen and would ‘make sense’ even if the visitors view that post after a long period. Your online community wants to hear from you, yes, but they would not want you to share a particular niche of content. If I were an audience, I would not follow any company who only uploads knowledgable content. I know sharing informative content is good, but people get bored if you keep uploading everything informative and nothing in general and fun. Hence, the balance between humour and informative content, believe me, your audience will love and appreciate it. Post with no expiration.

Tag more of your friends, relatives, followers

Tagging or mentioning more of your friends, relatives, and followers would make your post reach their online audience as well. Therefore, each and every time you post, make sure you add many people into the tagging list.

Use #s

Using hashtags would be organic for your profile and posts as they would reach more audience when they will search a hashtag matching yours. Initially, even I was not aware of this and used to think why people put so many useless hashtags on their posts, but now I know.

Remember, only organic followers!

Posting is easy but making the post relate your audience is difficult because sitting in front of the other side of the screen, having no direct contact with the users, you are unaware of who is viewing your work and how they interpret it. Therefore post engaging contact which can prove out to be of interest to all. Also, some people also buy fake followers, never do that! It will adversely affect your active audience.

Promote your profiles everywhere possible

If you want your social media figure to reach out to more and more people make sure you promote it as much as you can. You have your friends, family, well-wishers, send them the posts and ask them to share them further. If you provide engaging content, then your profile just needs exposure and then it will automatically do wonders.

Engage with your audience

Do audience poll. People love when you ask them their opinion as it makes them feel important which is helpful to build a good name in the market.

Update commercial and informative content equally

If you also provide B2B services, not always share commercial content. Last week I was watching a video who had shared about 4 companies in a single 5-minute video and I was so annoyed. Don’t you get annoyed if you have to watch 4 indirect advertisements on YouTube? Therefore, do share commercial content but simultaneously share informative content as well.

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Garima Aggarwal

When it comes to writing, she believes that the simplest form of words can help build a better opinion in front of people. With this thought, Garima Aggarwal is an aspiring content writer working in the field for the last 2 years. Currently, she is working for TABSCAP. Being from the journalism background, she is passionate to write about topics related to lifestyle, health, and digital marketing.


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