So you ask yourself how to market a product online… right?


How To Market A Product Online Like Pro


Let's break it into a couple pieces to learn how to market a product online

  1. Product Knowledge – It's going to be pretty hard to market anything to anyone if you don't have a clue to what your actually selling. I see a couple clients who try and sell online but they don't actually really know what they are selling as a BENEFIT to someone… that's the key… People get stuck on all the features (it has 3  butons and weights 1lb) when you should be focusing on stuff like…. You can hold it in one hand and won't give you a cramp…. It allows you to take video footage in a crowd yet you can capture the audio from your ONE person vs everyone… Benefits….
  2. Customer Niche – Who is your ideal customer or person you would like to sell to? The better question would be … How do you solve a problem for them? If you can dig into who's problem you are going to solve you can much easier talk to their pains. One way to think of this is to look into how you can immediately resolve something. This bubble gum doesn't stick to your teeth – probably speaks to people with dentures which means your looking at a much older demographic.
  3. Traffic – You will need a LOT of people to see your products and it's coming down to a daily stat you should track. Traffic comes in all forms and I won't go into it but if you want to learn PURE traffic methods I would recommend this program that teaches CURRENT marketing strategies that produce traffic.
  4. Web Property – Most would agree this is a website … but what kind and how can you do it? I would suggest a Blog or a blog that has a website system built in. Here are some examples
    1. Blog – duuuh… your on my blog… it's a website that is built on current information and bumps down the older ones. It's a setup that can be SUPER difficult to setup and maintain properly… (trust me… i've deleted my blog before hahahah). I would suggest you learn on an authoritative blog vs trying to go through say blogger.come or do a self host worpress blog for a LOT of reasons. This blog I have here is on a dedicates server with custom plugin and custom coding, with custom headers… basically not for the 99% who want a website or blog. If you want a quick blog that can be put in in seconds on an authority blog that actually ranks -> go here to get a REAL BLOG
    2. Capture Page – the main purpose of this is to gather information to then sell through an email system. This is the preferred method unless you are spending thousands on branding and don't care about increasing conversions on sales… .so basically you need capture pages in one form or the other. Here is a gangster capture page I've used that converts like gangbusters
    3. Social Media Page – There are a lot of these types of pages but the biggest one that I've used to promote and make a killing online and market my products is on facebook. To see a good why how I run a standard Facebook profile like a business page… it's called utilizing the subscription option. Link up with me on Facebook to see how I use it. as of t his writing i have almost 5,000 followers… basically people who are connected and some who aren't friends but still see my update…. 😉  that's power.

So what does all of this mean?


How To Market A Product Online And Keep Your Friends And Family

The key is marketing by learning how to drive traffic and make sales without having to ONLY rely on friends and family. Friends and family is a form that works extremely well but shouldn't be the ONLY method and one that is less widely leaned on as you grow. I mean, if you own a restaurant that would grow the customer base pretty slow. So learning how to market a product can be te reason your IN business or OUT of it.

So what kind of traffic? I prefer organic traffic… basically, traffic that comes in from organic searches through google that come to my blog entities or my video entities. The idea is someone is searching to resolve something. It can be to switch hair colors or just to learn something, or even laugh at something.

The point is to really dig deep and figure out who you serve and how can you serve them. Providing this you can then dominate a niche and make some serious bank.


Learn how to market a product using proven methods like SEO and video marketing. Basically driving viewers into a place you can then show what you do but more importantly HOW you can serve them.

I have literally driven thousands of people to my various web properties and most of it has come from SEO and PPC. I won't touch on PPC as it's just nutty how difficult it can be to market using paid traffic sources going through fb or google.

I have been teaching my students to focus on SEO and why I highly recommend any business owner to really think about using a blog to have traffic land there… but to learn PURE marketing… it comes down to how to drive viewers, people, potential customers to a point where you can “WOW” them.

Here is something I believe can change the way you think about marketing online or even driving traffic… I have driven thousands of people in a day primarily learning the ins and outs of what works and what doesn't work.

To learn more about PURE marketing… I would suggest you go through our training and marketing system below


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David Query · January 23, 2013 at 11:50 pm

Tamster… Awesome post as per usual. Mad Skillz. Was seriously inspired on Sunday… That speech on Sunday… Off the chain! Keep inspiring brother.

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