One of the cool things about the internet are funny things to watch on youtube then late at night doing some searches for “how to make extra money“. There seems to be a lot of people with our economy these days doing searches about finding different ways to give their income a shot in the arm.

Besides looking for a new job or upgrading the one you got let's look at what anyone can do, especially if your reading this article.

How To Make Extra Money – Use The Internet and Computer

Chances are  your reading this article on your desktop monitor or a laptop. Now there are some of you that do read my content through your phone but let's keep it simple and say your main computer.

The economy isn't picking up very well and those looking for a job need to continue LOOK for a job. Don't give up hope. There is work for you out there.

I have been in your shoes. I was laid off for about 18 months during the whole 2000 crash when I was released from Motorola as a product packaging engineer. It was a good time for me and I treated it like a long vacation. I took good care of my wife and life was grand. Sure money was a bit tighter but you just make do and survive, right?

Well, during that time the internet was still growing and marketing and selling stuff online really wasn't taught to too many people. I remember looking for ways to get some spending money while I was in between jobs and all I got was a bunch of cash gifting and MLM stuff.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm fascinated by the MLM (multi level marketing) industry but at that time I didn't want to do any type of offline marketing let alone network marketing.


That experience left me empty knowing that I could use the computer yet have no clue how to make extra money from it. I mean.Why is it so hard to learn how to make extra money online and especially if it could be residual… right?

How To Make Extra Money – MLM or Affiliate Marketing

I actually do both and enjoy both. Both of these business models are are different yet the same. Both require some start up capital, both need training to learn how to work that business, and both need time to grow that business.

But the biggest similarity is what we call in the industry “residual income”. The ability to setup something once to profit from it multiple times regardless if your there or not.

That's like royalties of the music industry or TV syndication for shows that go to like USA or TBS.

Being able to setup the company correctly using the internet takes some time and understanding. It gets tricky but if you are able to learn some methods to marketing and understand why people buy things then you can make sales while your sleeping.

But.. this is not an over night gig. Something like this takes time but being able to pull of say an extra $100/week without going to “work” for it is amazing in my book. That type of income will change lives.

Most of us go to work to make enough to do what we really want to do. Be it watch TV or go on vacation. Residual type incomes do just that. Going to work your stuck at how much vacation time they allow you to have, but what if you have the ability to earn enough money through network marketing or affiliate marketing to pay your way to a nice vacation every quarter?

One of the reasons many of my guy friends do NOT go on vacation is the cost and vacation issue.

I go on vacation 3-4 weeks a year and it's not so much the money but the time. Kids taken out of school and leaving my projects at work, but it's almost never the money. I make it a fact to get paid through my work as “vacation time” and also my various income streams like network marketing through Numis Network, FamilyIQ, and Send Out Cards plus my various affiliate marketing properties like My Lead System Pro.

These multiple points of business allows me to generate some pretty nice income streams regardless if I work on them BECAUSE the groundwork was laid months if not years ago. It's an on going project to make them bigger and bigger and it will take on a life of it's own. Kind of like having employees that report in for duty regardless if you check up on them.

Learning how to make extra money and especially the residual kind really dials into marketing online, not having store hours and running the business at a low cost. This has very little risk to you while your looking for a new job or just trying to help your spouse from home.

The computer is a great tool but the tool is only as good as HOW YOU USE IT.

So the number one point to learn in learning how to make extra money especially online is to learn how to generate traffic. If you can generate traffic you can then start to tweak your business to generate leads or just push to a sales page and make some easy commissions.

How can this be done with someone with ZERO experience?

Graduate from my 7 day free bootcamp, that will show you how I run my internet businesses and will teach you how to make extra money even from home.

how to make extra money

Lawrence Tam

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