For the most part it can be pretty easy to find some good summer jobs to help you make some extra cash, but what about when the summer is over? I know that when I was a kind and had to get summer jobs I definitely missed the money when school rolled around in the fall and I wasn’t getting paid anymore. As a kid I was never very good at saving money so I wanted to know how to continue to make money after the summer had come and gone.

Finding Good Summer Jobs

I used to look for summer jobs in my local newspapers which you can still do today. Checking classifieds online is a little quicker and easier now days though so you may want to hop online and check out the openings in your local area. If you are searching on a job and career website them you may want to type in specific keywords like ‘summer job’ or ‘temporary’ into the search bar. I know that people want to continue to make money after summer but you also have to keep your fall priorities straight, whatever they may be.

You can ask around your neighborhood to mow some lawns or do some odds and ends work for them to make some extra cash in the summer too. I live in a pretty popular neighborhood and I see younger kids putting up flyers every summer for lawn mowing, gardening work, and handy man work.

Good Summer Jobs That Last Past Summer

When you need to continue to keep a small income up after the summer ends then you can look into making money online. There are dozens of ways you can do this legitimately but it will really depend on how much money you need to make. For example you can take surveys for companies online to make a small income of around $100 to $200 a month. However, when you need to make a little more than that to live on, there are definitely options for you too.

I have been making my money online for years and can definitely fill you in on how to continue to make an income online when the fall and winter months roll around.

How Much Do Good Summer Jobs Pay?

In my experience summer jobs can pay anywhere from minimum wage to twenty bucks an hour, depending on the type of work that you are doing. The good thing about these temporary summer jobs is that they often do pay pretty well since the company or person only needs the help for a few months out of the year. Just like summer jobs, online jobs vary in pay the same. I believe how much you are getting paid is important so always ask this upfront before accepting any good summer jobs.

But the real question to ask is….

Do you want to use your MIND and make serious bank online or just trade  your time doing low paying stuff around town?

PS: Do you know of some summer jobs in your area or have an opinion on them? Leave a comment below and if when you want to learn more about making an income online, fill out my form above (hint* it starts with starting a website).

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