I was digging around and yes I found that there is a Google Gothic Site.

Well, it's not really a site but more of a re-branded google search engine with a Gothic twist. There are a couple of other sites where they are social sites but for the most part it's to sit on the brand of Google.

This reminds me of like shopping at Costco or Sam's club when they do their re-branding of their products.


These other sites are stripped down powered versions of google.

So what is the Deal With Google Gothic

Is there really a demand for this? It's a stripped version and really it's not using all the technologies of Google. The upper toolbar for calender, documents, and others are gone. The google places and maps are all disabled. It's like a cheap version of Google.

So why the draw?

Why do people want it?

It boils down to this picture ->

People want their style and variations to life. Even at the expense of quality or features. It's just the way it is.

If your looking for some Google Gothic sites there are plenty of social sites around and if your looking for a rebranded google experience go right ahead.

Just make sure you are not hampered by the rebranded website and use it for it's intention: Finding Search Information.

If you were really particular in the color scheme of your browser you could always re-skin it and make the default backgrounds darker to fit your mood without sacrificing all the features inside of the google sphere.

Searching For Google Gothic

Regardless if your looking for that term or not you will realize the internet is a huge place to play in and better yet to make bank with.

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google gothic

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