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Nowadays a long email list is all about making money out of it. However, without having a good email open rate, a list of subscribers is of no good use. The Benefits Email marketing is virtually like an ATM, from where you can withdraw cash as and when you like provided you have implemented the right technology.

Therefore, before thinking of making big bucks mesmerize your subscribers, take proper steps so that your emails suffer a good open rate.

In this blog post, I’ll be putting down the tips and tricks with which your emails will experience a high open rate.

1.    Add Proper Email Headers with rich content

The very first thing that your subscribers will be viewing once the email reaches their inbox is the email header. If your email header is a complete disaster, then the subscriber will be turned off by it. Therefore, make sure that your email header is curious enough to instantly capture the attention of the viewers which will compel them to open the email. Also, your email content should be interesting and should be in connection with the email header so that the readers find it easy to understand your email sending purpose. This, in turn, will improve the click through rate of your email marketing campaign thereby increasing the email campaign ROI (Return On Investment).

2.    Not following proper IP warm up process

Following a proper warm up process is crucial in case you want your email to land in the subscriber’s inbox, thereby leading them to open the email. This process is imperative for all the business organizations but particular for those business organizations that are new in the field of email marketing. In this process, you as an email marketer should start by sending a small number of emails to your list of subscribers rather than sending bulk emails in the first go. This process ensures that the send emails land in the subscriber’s inbox and not in the spam box. If you are new to the process email marketing campaign, it is suggested to follow this process as it takes time to build a good IP address.

3.    Create your Own Email Sending Reputation

The email marketers do not take this factor into account, but this is an equally important step which leads to high email open rate. Building your email sending reputation is very essential. It has been observed that many business organizations send their email campaigns through the ESPs that are available in the market. Esp's route emails through their third party IP's which already have high domain reputation as in turn the decrease of bounce rate takes place, which leads to increase in the esp's domain reputation. Therefore, sending emails through the SMTP relay servers solves this problem. It will help your business to earn email sending reputation thereby building your brand name and achieving good email open rate.

4.    Maintain your email list hygiene

Maintaining a hygienic email list is yet another trick for improving your email open rate. If you are active in the world of email marketing and have a lengthy list of subscribers, you cannot be confident about the fact that your email campaign will face a high open rate. You should always refresh your email list of subscribers and delete those subscribers who have unsubscribed from your email list or has been blacklisted. This will lessen the chances of your emails from being bounced, will make them land successfully in the subscriber’s inbox thereby increasing your email open rate.

5.    Alignment of Proper Sending Domain Records (SPF and DKIM records)

Not aligning proper sending domain name while sending out an email marketing campaign to your list of subscribers will always leave a question mark about the deliverability of the email to the subscriber’s inbox. The subscribers might not receive the email in their inbox. Therefore, while sending out an email campaign make sure that the SPF and DKIM records are aligned properly as they are of great importance. This ensures that the emails land in the subscriber’s inbox thereby promoting a high email open rate and click through rate.

6.    Add Latest Format of DMARC Records

You must add the latest format of DMARC records in your email marketing campaign as it will help you to acquire knowledge about the success rate of your email marketing campaign. Adding the latest format will allow you to know about the email deliverability rate, email spam rate as well as if there is any serious issue with the SPF or DKIM record. So if there is any problem with your email marketing campaign, you will be able to get a first-hand report about it and will be able to work on it which will gradually lead to improving your email open rate and click through rate.

7.    Email authentication with Google Postmasters and Microsoft SNDS

This is another important task on your part as an email marketer if you want to. If you want to know about the health of your business, you must sign up to Google Postmaster and Microsoft SNDS to measure the email reputation. Both these platforms provide a detailed report on the domain spam rate, IP reputation, domain reputation, and authentication encryption and delivery error. Therefore adding the sending domain to Google Postmaster and Microsoft SNDS is essential. They will provide the above-mentioned feedback in a graph form. Therefore, if you come across something that is messing up your email open rate you can always rectify that mistakes and increase your email open rate.

The methods mentioned above will definitely help in improving the email open rate of your email marketing campaign. Always remember to implement the right technology and the right methods while carrying out an email marketing campaign. After all sending emails to your list of subscribers should not only increase your email open rate but should also play a great role in building your brand name.


Ankit Prakash

Ankit Prakash is co-founder of EasySendy Pro – a hybrid email marketing solution provider for small and medium b2c businesses. Ankit is a passionate and determined entrepreneur; building internet product and services since 2006. You can follow him on Twitter and linkedin for marketing optimization related tips.

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Alecia Stringer · August 15, 2016 at 2:39 pm

Great tips and suggestions. I like how you bring out brand awareness.

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