Can you really help without want? L4 MLSP Leader wants to know

I know this might sound funny from an L4 member who  has literally helped hundreds of people outside of my team but I wanted to be real and get this off my chest. I have been spending more time in a MLSP forum to give free information and I ran into this.

There is a member there that many of you probably think like or at one time did.

“Can I learn from leaders for free?”

I want you to think about this.

I help many mlsp members, and many more on this forums who never say thanks. That is okay and expected. I still continue to bring value and help whoever is here on a semi automated basis. Trust me when I say I screen your calls cause I'm not superman.

I work my business 4-5 hours a day and can NOT help everyone as much as I should. That's life.

So who has priority?

  1. God
  2. Family
  3. My Primary business team
  4. MLSP team
  5. My own learning
  6. My own marketing
  7. MLSP in general (you peeps) — But guess what… I'm still here putting in my own time to help the community.

Looking at that order and how much I spend with helping people can you honestly say that you should “expect” me to work with you on a completely free basis over phone/email/text? (more…)

MLM Failure – Why You Will Fail

here is an ACTUAL comment left on my profile on MLSP

“Hey Lawrence, thank you for extending me a friend invitation. MLSP seems to be a great group of people. I hope that I can get it paying
for my membership before the 1st month runs out because I made a deal
with my wife that if I didn't I would drop the membership. It was the
only way I could get her to go along with me spending the $ in the
first place. I'm at setting up my primary business section of getting
started and I've gotten bogged down. Gotta get past that hurdle so I
can stay in. YHWH bless your day!”

I wrote back to this guy and I said to just ….

Do You Suck, Mentally?

I just had a forum discussion with a member of MLSP. The whole issue with mindset is a common one. This member “Michael” doesn't get it but he can change that. It's just a flip of the switch.


he has to want it.

I wrote out a response after he thought I was trying to pitch him even though I was just telling him he needs direction and a mentor.

So after being blamed of pitching this is what my response was: (more…)

MLM Downline and What It Means To Be Rich

I guess it depends on where you are financially. To some people, being able to eat out regularly makes them rich, while for others, a hefty bank account can only make them wealthy.Then there are the select few like myself that believe being rich really isn't a huge amount but being able to generate income monthly to cover all expenses.

This means your monthly income has a major role to play in this. While $2,000/monthly would suffice for some, others would need at least $4,000 a month to see them through. Some have their house paid off and others would prefer to always have a newer car around.

Warren Buffet Wealth

Warren Buffet Wealth

Even if you have $500,000 in savings, say you’ll need $4000 a month; let’s see where that leaves you assuming you get no interest on savings. My calculation shows your savings will be fully used up in just ten and a half years.

When family expenses, kids care, education, wedding and medical emergency enter the scene, you’ll find out that you’ll need much more than $4000 a month. Even if you were to put the $500,000 in a 3% interest bearing account that really won't help you.

So, to be “rich” you would need money coming in when your not actually at work. By this, I don’t mean the yearly vacation time you get. Being rich means being able to manage without having to use up your savings when you take 6 months off from your work. This is possible IF you had a healthy MLM Downline pulling you some serious residual income.

There are obvious differences in the amount you’d need depending on your location; in Texas, you could get a decent house for as low as $200,000 while in the West or East coast, you’d need twice that amount. So obviously you can't live on the same monthly passive residual income. Similarly, all MLM opportunities are different; don’t be fooled by businesses that look tempting and promise incredible incomes. (more…)