Internet Marketing – Even A 5 Year Old Can Do It

So check this out.

My daughter, Ally, is in kindergarten this fall and of course with school they need funding. One of the reasons we joined the PTA so the kids can get new computers, education products, and even go on field trips. I still remember the field trip we took to the farm. Things that must be done!

But with short funds, schools will always conduct fundraisers.


I decided to put my internet marketing knowledge to the task and I built a little page to connect with our warm list and see if they would help out. The traditional “will you please support Ally's school” is always the best, just like in network marketing warm markets are generally more responsive than cold online markets.

But with the fundraiser end date being Sept 28th, 2010 I need to whip something up so I can send to friends and family all over the world to see if they wanted to buy some goodies to support my little girls school.

This is what I came up with 😉 (PS. by all means buy some items if you want to support my daughters school)

CLICK THIS —>>>Support Ally's School


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