is WordPress  a good blogging platform for affiliate marketers?

In 2004, Houston native Matt Mullenweg, attending college for political science and philosophy, dropped out.

He had a dream.

He had a vision.

He had a revolutionary new #blogging platform.

For some, it would take away the pain of learning the complex coding language of the web.

Millions of people who were unable to build web sites because of time, money or skills, would now be able to create one easily.

For blogs.

For businesses.

For personal sites.

The Most Professional Blogging Platform Of All?

Professional graphics and design were available for free.
#Wordpress makes it easy to compose posts like a professional.

You can format your posts without any HTML knowledge at all, just like on Microsoft Word.

It constantly evolves to keep up with the latest trends, security updates and SEO updates.

WordPress has definitely kicked down barriers in website design, SEO, blogging and other online tasks.

It has made it easy to create communities, exchange ideas, sell products, and display pictures – all with seamless design.

But WordPress is more than that.

It is freedom of the press.

It is freedom of speech.

It is freedom of expression.

It is all of that and more, created in the perfect assembly of widgets and plugins.

WordPress has lowered technology barriers, so you can be up and running fast.

You can use themes to create whatever function you need for your content and target audience.

A photographer or professional journalist can use WordPress for their crafts – and so can everyone in-between.

Hosting options are scalable. You can start hosting WordPress on a smaller hosting package and scale up as your traffic and bandwidth grow.

WordPress is one of the most SEO-friendly out of the blogging platforms.

SEO plugins are continuously developed to create the most search engine optimized blog post possible.

Are there some cons to using WordPress? Absolutely. Not all sites or platforms are perfect.

WordPress has limitations. Highly-complex websites need more online firepower to handle the demands of lots of moving parts – like gaming.

Switching from one theme to another can totally mess up your blog's formatting.

WordPress can get buggy, for no reason at all. Try as you might, you cannot find a solution for that bug. It's the smallest thing that creates a big deal.

Although WordPress has good SEO capabilities, it lacks the connectivity of social media.

In effect, your self-hosted WordPress blog can be like a lone ship on an endless sea of blogging platforms and websites.

Enter Blogger and Tumblr.

Tumblr Review Here:

Blogger Review Here:

Blogger is affiliated with #Google, the largest and most power search engine in the world.

Blogger and Tumblr are totally free (cost).

Tumblr is a platform for speed, efficiency and easy sharing of blogs.

It is a microblog, blog, and social media network that tightly integrates member feeds for maximum exposure and sharing.

It is simple to share not only short blog posts, but also pictures, video and audio.

How are Blogger and Tumblr filling in the holes that WordPress leaves open?

The biggest issue for me and how I want to use tools to make my life better is to have them WORK FOR ME.

Generally tumblr, wordpress, and blogger do NOT mesh well if you want to be an affiliate marketer and teach it to your listeners.

I have gone down the route of teaching blogger only to abandon it due to weak tweaks you can do with it…. try making a capture page with that some day…

WordPress was better but the constant updates that can wreck the relationship with other plugins… plus you can NOT use the .com version… better be using the .org version if you plan to sell something online.

I since 2009 using wordpress I have had 3 meltdowns of the software that my hosting company had to step in and fix… and it was just SOFTWARE related.

A Simpler Blogging Platform Than WordPress?

Teaching this to clients is hard and there had to be a better way… There is…

I use a viral blogging system that accepts and even teaches affiliate marketing unlike the other platforms

click Here for a mobile viral blog

The idea was simple…

As an engineer, how can I use the internet to sell Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Best Buy, Walmart, Clickbank, Commission Junction, CPA, Network Marketing, Information Products ALL ONLINE……

I needed a platform that

1) would allow affiliate marketing .. duh
2) would embrace part timers like myself
3) was hardy and sturdy enough to take on the traffic spikes (sales and seasonal traffic)
4) authority blog that has rankings and pull with Alexa.

as of August 30, 2013 this platform is ranked in traffic by Alexa

World word: 343
USA: 86

Reason was I wanted an established affiliate platform.

to put this in perspective.

Groupon is 88 in USA
Wall Street Journal is 87 in USA
Best Buy is 89 in USA
Bleacher Report 91 in USA
Washington Post is 93 USA
AT&T is 97 in USA
Fedex is 98 in USA
Major League Baseball is 99 in USA
Warrior Forums is 100 in USA

some SEO experts would snuff at alexa rankings but for me it's a sign of growth and stability. An affiliate platform that is growing as a unit but allows me as an individual to use it as I need it for my own goods.

be it affiliate or personal.

This is why I have closed down a lot of my wordpress blogs (at my peak in 2009 I had over 50 affiliate niche blogs)…. and have been focusing on this one for it's needs AND for it's built in marketing system (training and funnel).

To train my clients AND to have a pre-built funnel to capture leads.

This is why I hang my hat on this #blog


This sums ups my reviews for 3 different blogging platforms. Check out more info on the newest released platform below.


Internet Business Idea

Engineering Your Success,
Lawrence Tam

PS. If you are looking for a way to copy/duplicate some of my marketing…. you can here at

Lawrence Tam

Funny dude who grew up in Houston, and retired from Mechanical Engineering at the age of 33. Has 3 kiddos and happily married and marketing full time since 2012. Learn how to take control of your life and health through a simple challenge to keep you healthier one day at a time - Click Here to Learn More.

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Hi Lawrence .
Thank you for this eye-opening article.
I want to ask you a question. What is the theme you are using for this blog?

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