Your First Launch as an Entrepreneur

For those of you who are on their path to entrepreneurship, there are few things more exciting than these first few steps. So you have a logo, a name and a product or a service and you are now ready to hang the proverbial shingle and start doing business. How do you launch when you are the dedicated Marketing, PR and Advertising departments in your new business, all in one? Market test, market test and…ah, yes, market test. While some might think this method is too "old-schoo...

Pain Tolerance: Dealing with the Tough Aspects of Entrepreneurship

Pain Tolerance
Being a business owner is an exciting and noble pursuit. In fact, business owners, not politicians as they like to claim, are the ones that create jobs in our economy and help our society grow.  When you build a business that is profitable and growing, there are also personal gains in the form of prestige, financial rewards, and other trappings of success. However, the path is long and winding from your initial business plan to winning in the marketplace with enduring business results.  For m...