Impact of Website Speed

Creating and maintaining a website is difficult work. There are many aspects that must be addressed and it is an ongoing process. The content must be meaningful, well-presented, and all features should work well. It is easy to understand, then, why many website owners focus on content and overlook the Read more…

Why Content Writing is Sexy (And Where To Get It For Yourself)

Content writing. It is not just a catch all term, for anything written online; it is the written representation of you and your business and all it represents.

Basically, it your ideas online.

Writing has been a powerful influence for centuries. Now, in the information age, it is more important than ever.

Content writing can make or break your business, your influence and your bottom line.

Done right, content writing is downright sexy.

Done wrong, content writing is downright disastrous.

What is content writing? How do I use it as the powerful tool in my business arsenal and where do I find good content and/or a good content writer?

Check Out This PowerPoint Presentation on Content Writing

Funny you should ask. I was just about to get into that.

October Review 2013

Cold Weather and Candy! By far October is one of my favorite months. Holiday season starts to set in, the weather is getting chilly which means food and movie nights with family; Plus we all get to be goofy with costumes and eat candy. What were you for Halloween this Read more…