Oh man…. Buried Alive

I thought I could handle it…

Okay.. I can’t.. I admit it..

I have since been swarmed about how to join me in my ventures and just be one of my newest team members who have been crushing it.

Last 45 days I have helped….

  • 17 people get a BMW (regional director) – this position makes $500-$2,000 per month
  • 5 national directors – avg pay is $2,000 to $6,000 per month
  • 1 presidential director – avg pay is $4,000 to $8,000 per month with a 1% of the company profits… for that level


See it’s not one of those.. “oh Lawrence can do it but can regular people?”… simple answer is YES….

The Plan For The Next 3 Weeks

I’m going to go over ALL of the applications with my wife. I will be personally calling and emailing everyone on this application list. Due to this massive time constraint (since I am part time), I think this might be a 3 week turn around for those that have submitted late.

I’m not here to delay your success one bit..

I have had a couple of people “sneak” past my application filter and just Joined me in my Master Alliance.

Congrats on being resourceful…. ;)

Well, if you don’t want to wait… Just join me TODAY with the link below and I will get with your about the process to how our Master Alliance just Blows it up.

Then I will continue going through the applications as they are received.

Why? Many have a good heart but are completely broke financially and mentally… so beat up and non motivated that I do NOT want you to go diving into a business… it’s best you get a Job and gain some mental and financial stability before you earn the type of life changing income my team did in 45 days.


Those who already know what I do and just want a Link to join without jumping through all of my hoops because you KNOW your qualified… you just need a link….  Click Below to Enter


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Lawrence Tam
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