Q/A – What To Say To My “List”

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What to say to your Email List?


Jeffrey wrote:

How do I find out where I can get scripts on what to say to my lists I want to talk to them live but don’t know what to say to them or how to start up a conversation with them.”


There are couple answers here and that’s a good thing.

  1. Depending on your niche you might be able to do a simple 3 email autoresponder to connect with your list
    • Example -> someone looking at your business opportunity and want more information
  2. Sending a simple broadcast to see what you can HELP THEM with.. not HELP YOU WITH…. huge difference. See how you can help others before helping yourself.
  3. Be a friend, not a salesperson – Sure… you want to make money and build a business but when starting out building a relationship should take center stage. Be a person someone would want to do business with. Easiest way to think of this is treat your list like a friend.


*Advanced Tip

Start thinking in … “how can I pair up the correct OFFER to the prospect”

Offers can be

  • ebooks
  • how to
  • advice
  • checklist
  • tools
  • service
  • product that solves a particular problem.


Start solving a “specific” person’s problem… and watch how the conversions for leads and sales will increase due to that new focus.

If your Aweber lead conversions and engagement is lacking..
Here is a pretty cool tool I’m personally using to help engage and provide the correct solution to the lead on my list

Click HERE to Super-Charge Your Aweber Account (segmentation and funnels)

Apps Like Instagram – 11 That Make You Look Like A Professional Photographer

I have seen some amazing pictures taken, and then found out that they were taken with a smartphone. A lot of them were taken with Instagram and apps like Instagram. They were filtered through an an app and posted online. Better than my professional Nikon D7000 that I paid a lot of money for (okay.. it could be photography novice error).

Do our smartphones make us good photographers? Considering how many photos we take of ourselves, our SOs, our kids, our events, we learn how to make the best of the photographic equipment right in our own phones.

There are even special attachments and upgrades that we can get for our smartphones to make them perform more like professional cameras, video and audio recording equipment.

Have you seen the selfie stick?
-HuffingtonPost*source: huffingtonpost Continue reading Apps Like Instagram – 11 That Make You Look Like A Professional Photographer

The Microphone For Computer Nerds and Newbies Alike – 2015 Edition

If you are looking to purchase a microphone for computer use, like podcasting and making YouTube videos, you have a lot of options. Microphone for computer


Confusing? Yes, it can be.


You also may be a schooled in microphones, but are looking to make a decision between two or three of them.


This list is 10 USB computer microphones that have excellent ratings.


Why use these over the microphone for computer that comes with your device? Or one with a headset? If you are publishing videos, creating podcasts, live or work in a noisy environment, or simply want to Skype with friends, relatives or business associates, then reconsider what kind of microphone for computer you use.

Have you ever been using a cellphone and all of a sudden the voice becomes garbled? Or when you are outside, you can’t hear over the cacophony of noise nearby?


Have you had sound cut out, go quiet, or buzz with static? Do you hate it when it sounds like you are spitting every time you say a “p” or a “b”?


It is terribly annoying. For business, it also changes the perception of the work. No one wants to turn their speakers all the way up to hear you, or suffer through skull-cracking buzzing, humming, or loud background noises.


This is why I put this list together. I produce videos and podcasts regularly. My brand depends on it.

If people can’t hear me, they will leave my publications. I lose leads and customers.


Would you want to lose customers?

No, of course not.

I get asked a lot what microphone for computer podcasting I recommend. This list includes both high-end and budget microphones. By budget, I mean the best sound quality you can buy at a lower price, NOT the cheapest microphone for computer broadcasting you can find. Let’s jump into this list.

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Diary Writing – 10 Ways Blogging is Saving This Dying Art

Diary writingDiary writing, perhaps, conjures up the image of a young girl, happily scribbling away some random thought about her life in a her handwritten journal.

Diaries are more than just a written record of random thoughts – they are an exercise in creativity. They are flexing the creative writing muscle.

But you already knew that.

You love to journal, or want to get started. You also live in the digital age. It is time to find out how to link this age-old practice with computer technology.

  By WritingLives.org

Virginia Wolfe, famous British author, said it best:

What sort of diary should I like mine to be? Something looseknit and yet not slovenly, so elastic that it will embrace anything, solemn, slight or beautiful that comes into my mind. I should like it to resemble some deep old desk, or capacious hold-all, in which one flings a mass of odds and ends without looking them through.


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How SEO Tips And Tricks For Bloggers Can Make You Rich

SEO tips and tricks can make me rich? How is that possible?  

I am living proof. I have done very well online (google “Lawrence Tam 100k month”), and a big part of these earnings was using SEO tips and tricks.

If you know anything about me, I started out as an engineer. I got laid off. I got another job with crappy pay and two kids later, my accountant called me to tell me that there was NO WAY I would be able to support my kids’ college educations.   

I had no freedom to do what I wanted, when I wanted. 

I started selling on eBay, but wanted a better way to earn money without having to spend so much on product AND without having my income fluctuate wildly from one month to the other.   

That’s when I discovered SEO.  

I failed SO many times, I hate to think about all the late nights that I spent writing articles that would bomb or fail. But I kept going. Finally, at just age 33, I was able to retire not only myself, but also my wife, pay off my house and raise three kids.

This article is going to break down the components of good SEO. I am throwing in the best SEO tips and tricks to date.  This will help you not only get ranked, but found, read and shared.   

Let’s dive in.  

SEO tips and tricks cloud

From SMPS Boston

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What Is Marketing? This Guy Explains It

Check out how this guy relates marketing to getting married.

If you are dating or married… it hits the spot ;)

What is Marketing? This Guy Explained It

what is marketing

 *image from Tickld

My own…
10. If a girl goes on google, and types “Looking for Rich Man to Marry” and
finds your blog post that talks about how you are rich, single, and looking to marry – That’s Niche SEO Marketing


team building formula

Marketing With Kids #5 – Leads

Marketing with Kids Episode 5 – Leads

Previous Episodes of Marketing With Kids Click HERE

Lead Generation is CRITICAL to your business. Here is a good place to learn how to build capture pages and the software I use. Let Me In Leave a comment, reply with your own marketing with kids videos, and what other topics we should cover below. Thanks!

How To Convert A Lead ~99.9% of the Time

I wanted to share with you a cool way I’ve been generating leads … but not through the traditional sense.It’s a weird way on how to convert a lead… and probably get the lead 99% of the time.


Read on

Lead = someone requested MORE information*peanut-butter Always adhere to CAN-SPAM (read more about spam and emails here) and ONLY email those who have requested to be emailed. So this is going to play out like a simple cooking recipe… so simple it’s like making peanut butter sandwiches.

The Better you are able to FOLLOW directions the better you will understand how this works and replicate it INSTANTLY :) You ready?

How to Convert A Lead Presentation


You are going to want to bookmark/save this and share this to your friends

Step 1: Understand What A Lead Is

You must understand what a LEAD is and why you want them. If you do not… you should stop here… cause you are going to ruin your masterful recipe. – Yes I know… move on – No I do now know why I want leads -> Watch my 10 Day Video Series On Marketing



Step 2: Process

Generally someone clicks a LINK -> which goes to a capture page. That person then has the option to put in their email to “become a lead”. Here is an example.

I’m going to show you below how to skip a capture page because so many don’t know how to build them..
*capture page above built using this software
Normally I use capture pages but I’m always testing.Sometimes it’s actually better to NOT send to a capture page to get MORE people to see your offers or see your training.
That extra barrier sometimes could hurt you … so you just gotta monitor the situation.

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