How To Advertise On Facebook And Still Be Human

by Lawrence Tam on April 12, 2014

Let’s Dive Into “How To Advertise On Facebook”

Facebook represents our primal need to be social: connecting, comforting, sharing, and entertaining. It is part exhibitionist and part voyeuristic. It is our collective consciousness, shared in a digital forum with written ideas, videos, photos.

What we share becomes an extension of ourselves.

 Facebook is here to stay. 

 Your business or niche is your pride and joy. Putting it on Facebook is a decision to create a digital representation of your business and weave it into the massive fabric that is the Facebook experience. When you can post status updates, photos, links and videos that tap into your fans deepest emotions (in seconds), then you can master the art of building profitable Facebook pages. 


Why Do I Need a Business Presence on Facebook?

The numbers don’t lie:

  •  1.3 Billion people use Facebook. Nearly half are logged in at any given time. 
  • 680 million use on mobile devices. 
  • Facebook is available in 70 languages.
  • The average user has over 100 friends and spends nearly 20 minutes on Facebook per visit. 
  • 73% of U.S. users earn over $75,000 per year. 
  • Facebook has logged over 1 trillion likes since its beginning in 2004. 


social networking for businessIn a nutshell, these facts mean that there is a boatload of people on Facebook. Many have the disposable income to buy your product or service. 

It means that your page can reach them anywhere at anytime, even before they get out of bed in the morning. 

If you can offer something to your target audience that brings them value, any value, that they feel compelled enough to like your page and keep coming back, then you can create a profitable Facebook page. 


Should I Build a Business Profile or a Fan Page?
Learn How To Advertise On Facebook Within Their Guidelines

 You will need a profile in order to have a page. The real question is: “Should I tack on a Facebook page to my profile?” If you have a business, yes. If it is just you, maybe not….. 

“It is long been my position that Facebook Fan Pages are the most important sites to a brand anywhere on the internet. Maybe more important than our own homepage.” Gary Vaynerchuk, Social Media and Media Expert

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Engineering Your Success,
Lawrence Tam
Lawrence Tam

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