How To Learn On A Budget

Learning doesn't have to be expensive.... just teach yourself what you need to know. If you need FORMAL DIRECT instruction.. that's a different story... people's time and personal training comes at a higher cost but the benefit is that it's more detailed and specific to your own needs. Never forget how to learn on a budget... cause your next client could use the info. Want to learn more on how I Retired from Engineering and built my online business from home part time? Go throu...

How to Make A Facebook Business Page In 7 Steps, Plus 3 Advanced Steps

How To Create
So you want to know how to make a Facebook business page? Facebook is one of the most visited websites on the face of the planet. It has a population larger than most countries. How can you get a piece of that traffic pie for your own business? There is a lot of traffic out there, you just need to grab it. You will want to do it the right way. You can set up a personal profile at first, but if you have a business or service, you really want to set up a business page. (plus it's in their...

How To Sell A Product In A Digital World Online

how to sell
Are you selling online by learning from Ebay, Craigslist, and Amazon? Is this your base model to how to sell a product online? Being resourceful is the key to selling a product online If you have an eye for opportunity Amazon, Ebay, and Craigslist have already intrigued you. Today there are  many ways to make money online. But most people want to know how to sell a product or how to sell their stuff online. Because you might have made a purchase on one of those platforms you may already re...

Finding The Right Instagram Alternative: 55 Apps for Social Sharing + Filters

instagram alternatives
Instagram is one of the hottest editing apps for mobile devices right now. It is exclusively mobile; you can't edit or share photos on the web, though you can view it on the web. Though it is a popular app, people have begun to search for an Instagram alternative that suits their needs and photo editing style. Instagram has a huge community of followers. The following has built up massive momentum over the past few years. The nice thing about having a huge following is that you are more likel...

Instagram Effects: Free Tools That Give You More Than Instagram

instagram effects
One of the most fun aspects of Instagram, for snap-happy photographers, is the Instagram effects. Others love the social aspect of Instagram and sharing your best photos of your life is fun with others who like and comment on your photos. Once Instagram came out with video, it has never been the same - shooting videos that are short and sweet, but still longer and more satisfying than Vine. Some of us are not satisfied with just Instagram effects. We want a little something more to put our ph...

Build A Future In Uganda

attack poverty
So my good buddy Brandon Baca shed some light to where I could possibly help in time and resources. I wanted to do a project outside of sponsoring kids and building water wells so Brandon turned me on to building a school. I've always had a soft spot to teaching a man to fish vs giving them the fish   So it made sense to help break the cycle of poverty ... was more about educated a sustainable system for a community to grow and prosper from. Brandon Baca wrote me this letter...

Traffic Workshop Nashville April 23th

Nashville April 23rd Workshop 12+ Trainers - Tons of Traffic ;) This workshop is invitation ONLY as you must be a customer of mine or with one of my clients below.   Topics Covered: 1) Awareness Marketing 2) YouTube Video Traffic 3) Local Event Marketing 4) Front End Funnel Creation 5) Team Building Process 6) Solo Ad Conversions 7) Blogging For Traffic 8) StumbleUpon Traffic 9) Pinterest Traffic 10) Facebook Marketing   How to attend 1) Join Empower Network as...

Instagram Filters: Do You Know How To Use Them? Learn These Simple Tips

instagram filters
Instagram filters are one of the features that make Instagram so popular. The vintage photo is back with a vengeance, mimicking the photo imperfections of cameras and photographers from the 60s and 70s. Ironically, the individuals who remember old snapshots are the ones who use Instagram the least - only 5% of the 100 million active users are in the 45-54 age range (see infographic below). According to Wikipedia: Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networkin...