This TweetAdder review will give you independent and objective assessment of this tool.  I am on online marketer and I can testify that marketing over the internet is not as simple as it may seem.  It is however not hard or complicated as you may think. You only need to be focused on success and I can sure you that you will make it.


Besides giving me a lot of money I enjoy marketing online and I urge you to think of doing it and like me, you will enjoy and love it. How do you get more tweets or followers in Twitter? Most people will suggest the TweetAdder but what is it, how does it work, is it really effective, is it right for you? These are the questions that this TweetAdder review will seek to answer.


TweetAdder review – avoid spamming or else you will be suspended

Professional marketers over the internet do not spam Twitter neither do they try getting thousands of followers within few days.  You should use the Tweetadder for the good purpose and as required.  You should aim at getting reasonable number of Twitter followers everyday and you will get the required number of tweets in a reasonable duration.


Note that improper use of Twitter for spamming may lead to your suspension. This is the reason why I urge you to try your best to keep the Twitter experience good. Do not test twitter to see how much you can exploit the system because in doing so you risk suspension.


Suspension by Twitter will be big blow and set back if you are promoting your services or website. This TweetAdder review urges your NEVER TO SPAM. You should act reasonably and wisely.


I urge you to use only one account although Twitter allows you to have several of them.  Note that you can still have several accounts and have no problems with Twitter if you use them for the good purpose. You can for example have one Twitter account for business, another one for your personal stuff and another one for your blogs.


TweetAdder review – you can use it in Mac OS as well as Windows OS

TweetAdder works well with the Mac OS as well as the Windows.  You can use it on your PC or Macbook. This feature has contributed to the very many positive comments in the TweetAdder review blogs.


TweetAdder review – what do the users say about it?tweetadder review

If you research and read about TweetAdder review over the internet you will love and like it. I have read very many reviews, comments, opinions and suggestions about the TweetAdder and surprisingly I have never come across negative one. They are all positive and in support of this software.


TweetAdder review – what are its advantages?

I am satisfied with the TweetAdder because it is very easy to find the targeted followers by use of it. This is how I do it, I find the targeted people, after getting the right people I tweet and add them and guess what? They just follow me.

I follow those people that have keywords like ‘internet marketing’ in their tweets or as part of their Twitter bio (profile).  I also use other keywords that are related to my online marketing business.

I am sure this TweetAdder review will enable you make the right decision and choice if this type of tool is useful in your marketing campaigns. If you want to use this tool click the banner below for TweetAdder information.

tweetadder review

Lawrence Tam

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