wwww.google.com – Don’t Need It

If your looking for www.google.com but you keep typing wwww.google.com with the 4 w's then your doing it all wrong.

It's not so much you typed an extra w but more like you typed an extra 4 w's.

The correct way to get to google is just type:


Here is the difference. Most website browsers like IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome will treat the address bar like a search engine if an address isn't typed.

If you typed “google” then it will do a search for Google but not pull up the google website. If you want to go to the full google site I would just type “google.com”.

wwww.google.com – stop using it

The internet is a great way to do research, have fun, and just waste time. But do you really want to waste time on using the internet the wrong way? Sure it's just one more step but if you continue to refine your searching experience you will save more time to do crazy videos on youtube or waste more time on facebook. (more…)