Pfizer Layoffs Hit – I Hope They Had Additional Income Streams

After The Shocking Pfizer Layoffs Which Resulted In The Loss Of 5,530 Jobs, The Company Says That More Are Still To Go

Most of the latest and current news from the leading companies in the United States are frustrating and among these news is the ‘Pfizer layoffs’. This news has shocked many because Pfizer is a giant global company which is involved in the research and development of drugs which has over the years reported positive growth and annual profits.

Despite its profitability and global presence, the company laid 5,530 jobs in the recent past and according to reliable sources from the company, more employees are expected to go. The Pfizer layoffs news is not an isolated case because other corporations have already done so. More are expected to do the same in the near future. There is no one who is safe and you can be fired or laid off from your current job any time.


The Pfizer Layoffs Is Just One Among Many Other Layoffs, Are You Prepared?

The Pfizer layoffs may get you in shock but that is the true state of affairs. It has happened, it is happening and it will happen in the future. The CEO of Pfizer, Mr. Ian Read, stated that more layoffs are expected to take place between now and the end of 2012. He stated that the Pfizer layoffs are aimed at increasing the company’s efficiency because it is facing increasing competition from generic medicines and other animal drugs manufacturers. (more…)