Network Marketing Companies And Bouncing Around

*update – I no longer promote Numis and have resigned from my 4 star position.
My primary business since 2011 which helped me retire from engineering is here

I've been in the business since 2006 and have seen a LOT of network marketing companies. What is even more common is to see reps bounce around from company to company and I've been there done that.

Network Marketing Companies I've Been In

1) My initial service company pays me today every month but I haven't put anyone into that business in a couple years. The services were great but since

my focus has been in internet marketing I figured it was time to move on (that company is only in restricted areas). Even with the restricted areas to

recruit my team is well over a couple hundred in those local areas. Maybe there will be a time I'll go back into it when I'm full time and have time to do offline marketing. Reason being, this company is extremely strict for online marketing and one of the main reasons I backed down from promoting it to my online lists. This is just an example that some companies are harder to build due to advertising restrictions and locations that are available for recruiting.

2) My second company was a juice company and I could see the benefit of it but after going to Costco and Sam's club taking their juice products at a fraction of the cost led me to believe the products were all pretty similar. The only difference being the mark up in cost to pay distributors. I promptly left that company after putting in about 30 people into it in 1-2 months. (more…)