My Lead System Pro Recorded Wake Up Call March 3

Here is my wake up call I conducted for My Lead System Pro March 3, 2011

This morning I want to tie into some of the things I learned from playing football.  I played all throughMy Lead System Pro middle school and high school; I’m a small Asian dude, I played offensive line, I bulked up 30lbs over the summer to only hit 215lbs so I was really small.  The average is about 290lbs-320lbs, not necessarily rock solid muscle like the NFL but they were big dudes and my parents were always worried I would get killed.  The reason I played and that I was able to play is that I am nasty.  I am not going to let some guy push me around just because he is bigger than me.  They might get me sometimes, but if you have technique, it will always win.


How To Live The Dream

WOW! I’ve got to be honest with you here . My partners have outdone themselves AGAIN! They just unleashed a 5-video training series for F*R*E*E that will expose the following: * How a broke 21 year old kid $20K in debt hit a 6-figure income at 22 years old making Read more…