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iContact Review – Show Me What It Can Do

If you looking for a new way to manage your email lists and autoresponders, this iContact Review will help guide you through the features, pros and cons of using this autoresponder for your email marketing campaigns. 

There are a lot of choices; this iContact review is set up to help you whether you want to read every detail or just get the basics. This iContact Review also has links to other resources you can use to help you get the most out of your autoresponder.

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 Before we dive into iContact… let's make sure you get a basic understanding of Autoresponders and why use them.


But Why Do You Need An Autoresponder?

Can't you just email from Aol.com email (yeah… I said it… some of you STILL use that), Gmail.com, Yahoo.com, Hotmail.com, MSN.com….. 

All of these including the ones you purchase from your hosting provider have mailing restrictions. You are NOT supposed to be adding hundreds of people to an email…. How are they supposed to be REMOVED from the email?(opt out option) [pullquote]How are they supposed to be REMOVED from the email?[/pullquote]

This gets worse if you are doing it for marketing with capture pages. You need permission… It's called permissions based marketing and giving people the option to LEAVE your email list (not just cause you have them in your contacts list.)

Wanna know what SCREAMS unprofessional?

– Not having an unsubscribe option from a company email broadcast. I recently consulted with a local gymnastics business as they were mailing their custom database about their schedules but it was coming from their YAHOO account… and BCC everyone with NO option to be removed from the list…. really?

An autoresponder is very effective and inexpensive, plus it keeps you compliant.