Pros and Cons of Starting a Home Catering Business

If you love cooking, baking and serving the general public I have found it may be your calling to start up a home catering business. There are definitely pros and cons to starting up any kind of new business in today’s economy so I always recommend you consider all of your options before choosing.

Pros of a Home Catering Business

One of the biggest pros would have to be catering in general if it is something you love to do. Being able to find something you love and make money from it is like what I did with online marketing. Another pro is the fact that you can set yourself apart from some of the competition by offering foods and services that other catering businesses do not have. In some areas you may be required to do this just to see your business succeed since there is such a huge market for caterers.

Cons of a Home Catering Business

Home catering businesses are often some of the riskiest out there because you really have to work at getting your name out there in order to get clients. Food tastings, advertising, marketing and food costs can all put a damper on starting your new business so always factor in the costs of starting up the business compared to how much revenue you plan to generate. I have a few friends that have their own in home catering businesses and I saw firsthand the things they had to do in order to get the business they needed to stay afloat. (more…)