How Much Is Gold Worth – How Do You Tell?

If you have ever asked the question of how much is gold worth then you may have gotten quite a bit of different answers. Depending on whom you may have asked you may have gotten a low or high number for your gold jewelry or other items, but should you sell?

I have found that more and more people today are actually suggesting your save and even collecting gold rather than selling it. I believe the gold/oz was over $1,700 today which is just nuts.

The theory is that the price and value of gold is going to go up dramatically over the years so instead of jumping on the band wagon and selling now with the craze, I suggest waiting it out. Unless of course you are in some desperate need of cash then it is understandable.


How much is gold worth – $1,700 Plus for Gold These Days

As of now an ounce of gold will run around $1,700 in value but the thing about gold, is that the value fluctuates quite often. By the time you ask yourself how much is gold worth and read this bit of information the price may have double or even decreased so always check online before you consider selling. (more…)