Generate Web Traffic – Use SEO

One of the critical pieces to building a business especially online is learning how to generate web traffic. I currently work with a couple of methods but the one I wanted to share today was a low cost method I use every day.

Generate Web Traffic – Using SEO

One of the cool things about building a business is that there are so many ways to drive traffic. The 2 main ways are free and paid. In my book they are both paid since your either using money or time. People these days don't put enough emphasis on what their time is worth and just throw it around like it's worthless. I would highly recommend new people to the industry to understand working something for free doesn't work out in the end.generate web traffic

Let's stay on point and talk about how to generate web traffic using SEO.

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. It is essentially the art of marketing your business on the internet so search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing will drive their customers to you.

I love this type of business model since it's like opening a store and allowing people to visit depending on their needs. There is very little forced advertising in this method and the amount of traffic generated is primarily determined on what your marketing in terms of keywords.

Sure there are other ways to drive traffic like social network syndication but SEO in my opinion is one of those things that really just worked for me and my business.

SEO will take a couple of skills but the ones I would like to focus on are: (more…)