Facebook Marketing With PPC Exposed

Facebook Marketing is an interesting beast. It has many different methods to reaching a target market but what I wanted to present was the presentation I did with my friend Brian Cole who went from working fast food to getting out of that job to go full time into marketing using this unique method.

What Is this method?????

Facebook Marketing With PPC

Most treat Facebook like it's an open invitation to a party. People get together and decide who is funny and who has the new “dirt” on their circle of friends, but…

with the addition of adding paid methods of advertising to Facebook the game changed… for some.

Facebook Marketing with PPC is in it's infancy. Many have attempted to understand who to market on it and many have failed. Many coming from the Google, Yahoo, Bing PPC marketers are getting “pimp slapped” on Facebook because they are not properly using this unique method to targeting prospects. (more…)