Facebook Fan Page Tab

4 Clicks – Capture Page To Facebook Fanpage Tab

Facebook Fanpage Tab… you know the one at top of your fan page

Have you been ignoring it?

Don't… That's pretty prime real estate there.

*If you are a network marketer or biz opp business owner I would suggest NOT putting your affiliate link in that spot… JUST In case Facebook does an audit on your account when you start doing paid traffic they will look at that and see if you are a “Value Based” business or “Business Opportunity” business.

To setup a Capture Page tab in Facebook isn't hard at all.

Do you got 7 seconds?

4 Clicks and 7 Seconds – Capture Page To Facebook Fanpage Tab


Here is what you will need.

1) Capture Page – Best to double dip by having a capture page that has the ability to get the Facebook Like Also or at least having an ability to make capture pages. I create mine using LeadPages (my customers get custom training on how I generated thousands of leads using the software.

Here is an example of a capture page with Facebook LIKE call to action (facebook tab example)

2) Facebook Fan – It can be in any niche, mine is in affiliate marketing.
Here is my facebook fanpage to get an example.

Notice the fanpage tab can be named anything you want