Desperate For A Job – Well What Happened?

Chances are if your reading this your probably desperate for a job and looking to just get something in the door ASAP. I can understand this and everyone is at a different point in their lives.


Desperate For A Job – Skills?

First thing you want to do is figure out what your skills are because if your desperate for a job you must rely on your bread and butter. This might seem obvious but let's just make sure that has been covered.

If your not a dancer or have formal dancing or skills in dancing don't go try making a quick buck in that industry if your desperate for a job. Let's tap into what you have done in the past or have professional experience with.

If your totally green and have never really held a job before…. well it's time you get your fingers dirty and do whatever it takes to get the foot in the door even if it's a lower paying position. If your just looking for a job to fill in some financial gaps then do it short term as it's not a career change. Just get paid and when your up and running start looking to build your career in whatever floats your boat. Be it passion driven or income driven. When you at this stage and can claim to tell yourself that your “desperate for a job” then don't worry so much about the long term career path but more about this being a stop gap to where you will be going.


Desperate For A Job – Let's Understand Why

Now at your current time maybe it's a bit harder to think in hindsight but I think this is a better way to fix the REAL problem. Too many people only see the outcome and want a pill to fix every ill when really the best course of action is to analyze why your in this situation in the first place.

Many will deflect blame to a external source like:

1) My girlfriend left me

2) My car doesn't work

3) The job I wanted out of college was taken

There are all really excuses. If your going to survive in this economy you gotta suck it up and just make it happen. Stop blaming other external forces for the situation you are in. These are the cards you are dealt. You can bend over and get kicked in the butt or you can MAN THE F UP and just make it happen. All successful people in life, be it in business or personal enlightenment, all go through trials and tribulations but what doesn't kill you SHOULD make you stronger.

Just too bad so many live through tough times to NEVER really understand why they let themselves get there.

Now don't get me wrong. There are times that it's just messed up and there was nothing you could have done and you rolled with the punches that came your way. Well, you have skills so lets use them BUT understand prevention is much better for the long run then finding a quick fix.

Remember what a job stands for. (more…)