Canada Post Strike – For Real?

Just in case you haven't been looking at world news the Canada Post Strike is a pretty interesting unfolding situation. From what I've gathered here are a couple of things I've been pulling together.

Canada Post Strike – It's For Real

Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) was set to June 1, Thursday at 11:59 p.m. EST.

So a strike can't be good for anyone and of course there were deals sent back and forth to iron out the details but of course the strike hit and BAM – no postal service for Canada.

So then 2 weeks of rotating strikes Canada Post locked everyone out. I mean everyone.

Workers came into work wanting to get a paycheck and earn their way to trading time for money and they were DENIED!

I mean how frustrating is that? When we have the thought that people can “go postal” due to the job and you can't even “go postal”!

It's bad enough to be trading time for money but then to do it in a job that doesn't exactly put a smile on your face to only get the door LOCKED on you. Ouch!

Yes, I'm in the USA so how does a Canada Post Strike mean anything to us down south?You can learn a lot actually.