The Microphone For Computer Nerds and Newbies Alike – 2015 Edition

If you are looking to purchase a microphone for computer use, like podcasting and making YouTube videos, you have a lot of options.


Confusing? Yes, it can be.


You also may be a schooled in microphones, but are looking to make a decision between two or three of them.


This list is 10 USB computer microphones that have excellent ratings.


Why use these over the microphone for computer that comes with your device? Or one with a headset? If you are publishing videos, creating podcasts, live or work in a noisy environment, or simply want to Skype with friends, relatives or business associates, then reconsider what kind of microphone for computer you use.

Have you ever been using a cellphone and all of a sudden the voice becomes garbled? Or when you are outside, you can't hear over the cacophony of noise nearby?


Have you had sound cut out, go quiet, or buzz with static? Do you hate it when it sounds like you are spitting every time you say a “p” or a “b”?


It is terribly annoying. For business, it also changes the perception of the work. No one wants to turn their speakers all the way up to hear you, or suffer through skull-cracking buzzing, humming, or loud background noises.


This is why I put this list together. I produce videos and podcasts regularly. My brand depends on it.

If people can't hear me, they will leave my publications. I lose leads and customers.


Would you want to lose customers?

No, of course not.

I get asked a lot what microphone for computer podcasting I recommend. This list includes both high-end and budget microphones. By budget, I mean the best sound quality you can buy at a lower price, NOT the cheapest microphone for computer broadcasting you can find. Let's jump into this list.