split testing capture pages

Let's take you back to a class called ….

Probability and statistics…

When you can with good confidence KNOW something is better… Statistically.

Check out the image.

I'm doing a Split test for capture pages to become MORE efficient in what i'm Already doing… not what i'm doing more of…

It's the process of using what you have and getting BETTER at it faster.

I've been split testing 2 captures pages then went to a 3rd… and with a 96.52% certainty I can say one capture page is better than the BASE.

And it only took about 100 visitors….

What is REALLY cool is ….

I took a capture that is already converting at 34% and that was the LOSER…

If you aren't split testing your losing… period..

This is what I'm using

– to build capture pages in minutes
– to split test on the fly in seconds
– to determine the probability of outperforming the base (many don't know when to switch out winners….)

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If you become a customer of mine… let's talk shop and attend some of my classes in what i'm doing… 

Lawrence Tam

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