Numis Network just took a massive dump in the lap of other network marketing companies.

What am I smoking?

What if I told you that you could buy something and if you didn't like it the company would buy it back in 60 months?Numis Network

Yeah I know. WTF!

Who the heck in their right mind will allow buy back of autoships right?

How can a company even CONSIDER buying back a product… I'll tell  you why at the bottom of this post.

Yes – I'm With Numis Network

Most who join my primary business probably aren't coin collectors and more yet who don't even invest in gold and silver…. why?  Who the heck knows why.
Some of the objections to what I've heard are:
“Who would buy these gold and silver coins?”
“What could they be worth in the future?”
“What can I get for these coins?”
Numis Network announced last night a 5 year buy back program!
What does that mean you say?? If you get any coins from Numis Network and 5 years later you want to sell them, Numis will buy them back from you at the same price you paid for them!
It's like Costco return policy back in the day all over again.

Numis Network Will Buy Back Their Product

Buy a coin from Numis Network and if you want to sell them back to get some cash, just call Numis and they will be happy to buy them back from you!!

Numis Network

2009-W PR70 ANACS $50 Gold Buffalo

How many companies will buy back their products??
In 5 years, could you go to a company or a company you even represent right now and ask them to buy a product they sold you 5 years ago?
I've trained a LOT of network marketers and I've been through my share of network marketing companies.

Numis Network is Flipping The Bird

Sure sure, I might be going out on left field and living in la la land but check this out and let me know if I'm just nuts.
Those companies that sell this stuff would they buy their product back?
  • Juice – expires, the company I was with I'm STILL drinking the left overs. I tried to give it away to my guests and people actually said NO. I've found very similar products at my local Costco at 75% the cost. Oh… there is NO way the company would even consider buying that juice box back 5 years later.
  • Technology – from phones to internet to even telephone services. What would happen if 5 years from now you told your company that  you didn't like their OLD technology and wanted a FULL refund? They would LAUGH in your face. I mean can you imagine buying an iPhone and 5 years later tell Apple I want a FULL refund? I would love to see the conversation at the return counter that you wanted to return your 60 months of internet service because you were unhappy. The customer service rep would think your smoking crack.
  • Pills -Health and wellness is a booming business and there are a ton of companies sitting in this space. With the amount of people fighting the products have to work… right? Well, I don't know about you but would you think twice about eating something that is 5 years old? If so, would you even bother buying back those pills 5 years later? Exactly. there is NO freaking way a health company would ever buy their products 5 years later.
  • Makeup – some of the largest companies in the world in network marketing come from beauty products. Great niche and great stuff but remember these products are manufactured for volume. I mean where is the overhead right? They make money in volume and they don't want their products coming back 5 years later. With fashion it only takes the statement “That was SO Last Season”. When your talking about fashion and women…. you are hitting the heart of what they want. To be trendsetters. There is no way you can go to a high end client and sell products to them for 5 years only to have to buy it back. You would go broke. You make money cause they want to keep buying NEW products not OLD products.
  • Body garments – Look. these have their place but they are not consumables and so you buy maybe 1-2 and that's it right? Please tell me otherwise but I don't see why someone would buy 10+ for themselves. So lets say you go bonkers and sell 500 over a 5 year span. Your feeling pretty good about yourself and then you find out all 500 want to be returned. You would absolutely lose your mind! I mean for one they will have been used and NO one would even use them. Can you imagine the wear and tear on those items 5 years of use? Wash, wear, wash, wear. Those things will have seen better days. So no, you will NEVER want to even tell your clients they have a 5 year buy back guarantee unless your just flat out lying.
  • Detox products – Hey, like many others I want to stay healthy and have looked at detox products. But like other consumable products there is no way they will buy your products back in 5 years let alone the products you have opened and partially used. The stuff that…. PASSED…. through your system will no longer resemble what you put into your mouth and no sane person would give you money back after 5 years.
  • Energy (electricity/gas..) – I'm not going to dive in and say the same things. I'm still getting paid by my first electricity MLM company. They still pay me monthly for those products but get this…. those 24 months of power consumption will NEVER EVER EVER be refunded. Why? I used them. Energy traded for my hard earned cash. Why would they refund my money… yep. Your getting it now. they wouldn't!!!
  • Information – I was part of an information company. Great stuff and I love education. But get this. Can you go to college and after 4 years can you ask the university for a $40,000 refund cause the ride just didn't meet your own expectations? Could you go to a specialized class and 5 years later tell the instructor you want your money back? hahahah. Please send me a video if you ever do.
  • Legal Services – Now there is only one company I know of that deals in this field. And there is the DREADED charge back. Sure they pay you upfront but your crossing fingers that associate or client never quits. Can you imagine having night sweats for 5 years tossing and turning if the sales and closes you did for 5 years won't do a charge back? Talk about sleeping with your eyes open. See. In more most cases when services are rendered, currency is exchanged. Sometimes even before services are rendered. So what happens to that industry when  you can get a full money back guarantee after 5 years. It would NEVER work that way.
  • Insurance – Hey,  I'm a firm believer of backing up your stuff. Protection is key. But…. Could you possibly pay for a “in case crap happens” only to get your premium refunded cause the “Shat didn't hit the fan”. I mean come on. Who would ever sell this? It's the FEAR or dying which makes us buy. If we buy and don't keel over and want a request of our money for 5 years of service of NOT dying……. please. Not going to happen. The insurance agent would rather punch you in the face before they give up those premiums they have been investing over those 5 years.
  • Candles – Can you say “burn baby burn”. I would love to see this on youtube.
    • Customer – Excuse me. I would like a full refund of these candles I burned. Yeah, I know. It's just a gob of melted wax but trust me….. They were candles before. I just don't want them and can I have a full refund?
    • Customer service Rep – Speechless
  • Plastic storage goods – If you haven't seen Napoleon Dynamite you should but there is a special scene I would love to show you. Now there is no DIRECT correlation but check out this video clip. Now I won't show the actual movie but here is a re-enactment.
    • Movie
  • Cookware – There are a couple pot, pans, and knife companies out there. Now I have some that are a lifetime guarantee. But the guarantee's I'm referring to are not for a money back after what they call “lifetime”. It's for the items that were purchased. They will send back the product after  you pay for shipping fees. There is no 5 year money back refund. If there is…. Hit me UP! (hey, i've been known to use a knife to pry things open and hacksaw things… yeah I know not exactly what they are designed for) **update feb 20 from Rod** – looks like there are many who will take back their products. I have some commercial cookware and some nice knives I had for a wedding gift. Since these aren't supposed to be replaceable, the need to buy more seems to be an interesting situation for most. Considering I have yet to see a cookware piece that will last (i know i know, there are cast iron, dutch types, stainless steal….). I sent my “commercial” grade stuff I bought from a trade show as it was supposed to be “knife” resistant. well, it wasn't the case really over 8 years. I had to pay shipping to get it fixed.
  • Coffee – Yet another consumable. Great stuff since everyone and their mom drinks coffee (except me, right). But here is the deal. After drink it for 5 years and piss it out can you bag it and get a full refund? I highly doubt it.
  • Exercise Products – I have a treadmill that I bought for about $800. I would LOVE to be able to get rid of it after 5 years (I've had it for 9 and it's collecting dust in my office). A lot of these products are sold on in hopes you can stay on the exercise bug past the return policy. There is a cycle in this industry like cars. The new ones are always better right? If so returning one ever 5 years would be GOLDEN!
  • Jewelry – Now here is one that could be a close. See jewelry has a special place in my heart. I mean…. I spent an arm and a leg to marry my wife right? hahahah. But anyhoo. In terms of jewelry has there been an instance to buying it and USING it for 5 years only to return it for full price? Call me crazy but I actually saw this movie called Maid in Manhattan (hey, don't judge me!!! hahaha). She had this necklace she wore that was crazy expensive. Can you imagine the ghetto rich that would buy jewelry only to return it as a free rental? Quote:
    • This is the Harry Winston…. Wreath necklace. Worth more than l'll see in lifetimes.
    • See there is REAL value in those but guess what… there is NO free rentals.

Look, I touched on a LOT of different types of companies and maybe there i'm way way off. Shoot why not right? This is why this post is here. Let loose and rip me a new one 😉

But the facts tell a different story and why I chose Numis Network:

  1. You are always needing to build Assets. What are Assets you say?
    1. “any item of economic value…especially that which could be converted to cash.” – like stocks, cash properties, gold/silver… You want this and you want to create more of this ASAP. The rich create assets while the middle class and the broke collect liabilities.
  2. What are liabilities?
    1. “an obligation that legally binds [one] to settle a debt.” – if it generally TAKES money out from you then it's a liability. If more money is going out then in…. Game Over Son!

Numis Network = Game Changer

This just straight up changes how things operate now. If you can buy without fear or losing out and your Building ASSETS…. You win. Think of the change in direction when your collecting assets in a business that is looking out for you.


They want you to make money TODAY regardless if you do anything in this business. Your in the business of making money by selling money? GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE!

So why? WHY!!!!!!

They are betting only a CRAZY person would trade in graded numis coins in 5 years. Have you SEEN the prices????? They would LOVE (Numis Network) to buy your 5 year old appreciable silver/gold coins back. I would  at the same price 5 years ago

Read it and and see for yourself

$358 for a 2005 Silver Eagle MS70

ShopNBC (prices of feb 19, 2011)

$125 at shopNBC

numis network

$125 for a 2010 Silver Eagle MS70 (remember this to compare prices) (avg price anywhere if not more)

Numis Network

$358.00 shopNBC would you sell this for what you bought it for 5 years ago?

$358 for a 2005 NGC Silver Eagle MS70 (2010 price $125 remember?) link shopNBC

Numis Network

2004 for $446.00 on shopNBC as of feb 19,2011

$446 for a 2005 NGC Silver Eagle MS70 (2010 price $125 remember?)link shopNBC

Numis Network

ShopNBC Price: $3,535.00

$3,535 for a 1994 NGC Silver Eagle MS70 (2010 price $125 remember?)link shopNBC

Numis Network

ShopNBC Price: $7,499.98

$7,499.98 for a 1987 NGC Silver Eagle MS70 (2010 price $125 remember?) – link shopNBC

So tell me. would you sell your products back? Would you?

Is that a GOOD business decision?

Look, when your ready to rock and roll in Numis Network hit the banner below.

Engineering Your Success,
Lawrence Tam
Numis 4Star

Numis Network

Lawrence Tam

Funny dude who grew up in Houston, and retired from Mechanical Engineering at the age of 33. Has 3 kiddos and happily married and marketing full time since 2012. Learn how to take control of your life and health through a simple challenge to keep you healthier one day at a time - Click Here to Learn More.


Wesley Chin · April 27, 2020 at 1:56 am

I Want to Sell My Numis Silver Coins

money clips · March 23, 2011 at 8:58 pm

This one is really one of the best post forever. And I really like the contents of this post. Thanks Rod, sharing the some best of information.

Jeff-andSharon Reed · February 27, 2011 at 3:33 pm

Yes, Numis is doing some amazing things. Great article Lawrence

Jeff-andSharon Reed · February 27, 2011 at 3:32 pm

Great article Lawrence. I’m a Numis fan too. It’s

Kim · February 21, 2011 at 12:32 pm


Great post! I love the price comparisons of the coins. The prices are unbelievable! It just makes sense if you are looking to build wealth!

Thank you for being such an amazing leader!

Kim Tarr

    Lawrence Tam · February 21, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    you are an awesome marketer yourself 😉 Glad to be working on the same side.

Rod · February 21, 2011 at 2:25 am

you can break cutco and send it back to get it fixed for free. Not necessarily money back, but it’s like getting a new one for free. is that what you were referring to in your post?

    Lawrence Tam · February 21, 2011 at 4:27 am

    excellent. I’ll add that into the post. thanks rod!

Steven Schmeltzle · February 20, 2011 at 4:53 pm

What else can you expect from a company with such great integrity? I am glad to be a part of the Numis Network!

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