So what are some Cold Calling Tips I recommend in building a home based business?

Cold Calling Tips #1

First off, you need to figure out WHY you would even want to cold call someone.

If your business is a service or product then this could make sense but you need to figure out if the “Juice is worth the Squeeze”. As in, is it worth it to go through a ton of numbers and people just to sell some low end stuff?

Do you need volume sales?

Personally, I wouldn't do cold calling unless there is a sizable return attached to it. Selling a $10 product is not my cup of tea but if that's all you have then go with what you got. Just don't expect to change your financial future selling something with a small return. The cold calling I do returned $1,000 commissions and so it makes it much more appealing to me and my time.

Cold calling can be a grueling experience for the uninitiated so having some type of positive return is a must have in my book. Those selling scams and just crappy products and services will be heard over the phone. You can't mask true feelings. Most will not be able to lie well enough to cover their mistakes. So make sure it's critical to selling something that makes a good return.

You might as well stop reading these cold calling tips if your not confident about your products or services. Be a product of your product 😉 An example of this is how I used myphoneroom and I personally use this service. I wouldn't hesitate to cold call business owners if I was short on case to sell that service. Considering sales can go as high as $800 per close in my pocket. Plus I know they would greatly increase their business with it.

Cold Calling Tips #2

Use a marketing funnel.

The 2 marketing funnels I run together or separate are My Phone Room and My Lead System Pro.

Why a marketing funnel?my lead system pro

Well, if your spending time cold calling you better make sure you make the most out of it. I've already gone over cold calling Tips that talk about making sure it's worth the financial gain but let's also touch on maximizing the traffic we are getting to our websites. It's not enough to try and close everyone on their first exposure.

A majority of your sales will come afterwords. This delayed response will put many people out of business since they are waiting to get paid and it could possibly take weeks if not months for a prospect to come around. In the mean time, you better be monetizing that traffic by giving value in other tools or services that can help your prospect.

In terms of a highly customized marketing funnel I find that My Lead System Pro works very well in being able to connect with other network marketers without pitching them a money making business. I'm leading with value and allows me to generate an income from those who would never join my business today. The income generated from My Lead System Pro allows me to then buy more leads, generate more leads, or just flat out experiment with new alternative lead sources.

myphoneroomMy Phone Room also acts as a funded proposal as I'm able to speak with many different types of businesses in seeking what struggles they are having with their business. One I've found over and over again is that many in their home based business don't make enough money to cover their own marketing expenses let alone cover their business expenses (monthly autoships and such). This lack of cash flow will destroy any business and why so many leave the industry since they don't have the cash flow to stay in business.


Cold Calling Tips – Use In Combination

Regardless of the cold calling tips you find or use it is essential to use the 2 mentioned above. Being able to sell something that pays well and being able to monetize the traffic that won't use your product or service is one of the best ways to stay in business. This applies to any business as cash flow is the blood source. Not having a way to monetize traffic or get paid in chunks big enough will start to affect your wallet.

So my multiple businesses run either through both services or one or the other. The ability to have either one of my front end funded proposals to help me stay in business is critical. Re-watch my video above to see what I mean by high end cash flow and how to not fail in business. Make sure to use my cold calling tips and anything else on my website to advance your business to the next stage.

Engineering Your Success,
Lawrence Tam


Honored In Vegas As L4 Executive Member with MLSP

PS. If your still not generating enough leads, graduate from my free 7 day internet lead generation bootcamp as your going to need more than cold calling tips to make it online.


Charlesgrix · April 12, 2011 at 8:51 pm


Insightful and valuable information. You are right on I did a lot of cold calling selling insurance. The first call was to get an appointment, then presentation, then follow-up calls. The initial amount wasn’t large but it was building residual income.

Charlie Grix

    Lawrence Tam · April 14, 2011 at 1:06 pm

    yep yep you get it. it works if you have some tools and do it for a reason. make sure it pays well or has stellar residual tied to it.