Las Vegas!
    Every year I attend a mind opening summit called No Excuses, held at the MGM. This year was the 4th year of the summit and I was asked to be a guest speaker to share and teach members of the audience.
Remember how I said how much I like to learn? Who said learning wasn't fun!
Why do I go to generic marketing events? And why would I show up to teach at one? Couple of reasons but easily because there are COOL PEOPLE THERE.I got to hang out with my close friend and colleague Daegan Smith, share a drink with Mark Hoverson and his lovely wife and best of all I connected with some great online guru's such as Matt Lloyd and my favorite, Ann Sieg; Great thing was that I also got to see Gary Vee on stage. It was prolific and I learned A TON of stuff from these people! Best of all I got to share all this with my close team.
MOST importantly I ate like a bear going into hibernation… if you follow me on Facebook, you know how much I love food.
Wooo! Cesar's Palace buffet was legit!
All this happens because I had a vision and belief to know that I could do it and make my wants a reality…
That with hard work = Results…
On stage, food and fun…
 Biz Happenings

INCOME Online (excluding offline streams): 

  • Empower – $66,685
    • is one of my bigger streams of income and one I've been pretty passively building since 2011 part time as a mechanical engineer
  • Other Income Streams (10+) – ~$10,000 
    • I teach and retail a lot of different trainings and products and collectively they pay me through different merchants and Paypal accounts.


Take some massive action today and be a part of all this to make your own story…

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Income Disclaimer: These are my own personal stats and only use show you what I'm doing and no guarantee you will achieve this*

Engineering Your Success,
Lawrence Tam

PS. Life is a journey and I teach people to finish vs sprinting and quitting. Learn how I can help you take your life and business to the next level by working with my personal team trainers and myself to ensure success when you put in 100%
Mothers Day and Family Celebration
As we all know, May is the time to celebrate our mom's… so I want to take this post and show my appreciation and thanks for all  she does for the family.
Thanks Mom! 🙂
Furthermore, my little sis, Liana, graduated this may from University of Texas Dental school! 8 years of hard work and now it's on to the next.. Congratulations! My dad is even happier she's off HIS payroll. hahahhaha
What are you doing for your education? Doesn't matter if it's through school, your business, reading books, attending online seminars, workshops etc… I am a BIG believer in continually growing and learning to get my and my business to the next level. Which is why I set up an event held for the June which you will hear more about on my next Newsletter. Stay tuned learning through my Facebook Training Page -> Click Here and LIKE
Denver coming soon!
I am getting ready for Denver event July 18th – 22nd which is going to be massive with over 6,000 people. Join me by clicking HERE
Weighted Vest. Do Work Son!
Have lost over 20 lbs since starting my better eating habits and exercise … Yet I  still love my daily lunch outings with the wifey. Everything in moderation.
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Featured Earners On My Team

From my reports that were given to me from my team, congrats!!!

Big Whooop to my peeps Toby and Layla Black for again doing over $40,000 in the month of May for Empower

Another Big Whoop for Tissa and Carolyn Godavitarne for hitting over $30,000 in May for Empower

My partners Chris Record, Chuck Marshall, for again breaking $40k in May for Empower

Other Wins:

May 7 – Avram Gonzales and Nikki Magdalena

2 Inner Circles
3 Costa Rica Intensives
2 15K Formula
Total Sales for the day : $3,200 (one of the CR was a pass-up) which means he did nothing and still made money! Woo!

May 20th – $3,000 pass-up

May 10 – Jason Goin $3,000 (first ever while mowing his lawn)

May 13 – Alecia Stringer $3,000

May 20 – David Brown $1,500

May 30th David Brown – $3,000

May 31th Alfredo Delgado – $3,000

Thanks to my proven system I do what I love!
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Alecia Stringer · June 5, 2013 at 11:42 am

What wonderful memories created from all the people you see to what’s happening in your family. Joyful times! Thanks for sharing!

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