Yes. Not a Typo

I thought they were crazy too.

I personally never sponsored people into my Numis Network Teams unless they were at the Executive $495 level.

The company lost it's mind and understood the economy as a whole just needs an easier way to build a business. With so many struggling and with so many prospects I have personally turned away the company wants to open up the doors to Everyone.


If you don't have $75 to work a business maybe you have bigger issues.


Those who were on the fence and were waiting to jump into the Executive at $495 with me check this out.

Numis Network lost their mind. For $75 they are now giving you a $100 – $125 Coin (depends on where you buy)?

Numis Network Associate Representative Business Kit

I think they lost their dang minds. This is the value they want to shower people with and why we feel on our team we can bring in 10,000 reps in 90 days. I mean who wouldn't want that kind of return?

To make it even sweeter…

The Numis Network Executive package has gone on steroids.

Numis Network Executive Success System

Numis Network Executive Success System

Yeah I know Nuts.

—>> Watch This Presentation <<—

Looking forward to having you succeed Today.
Lawrence Tam
Numis Network 4 Star Rep
MLSP L4 Executive Member

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Lawrence Tam

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