As a small business owner, you understand the importance of having a website, but you have been delaying its implementation as the mere thought of the project's scope is intimidating. There is the cost of engaging the designer, not to mention the content of the site itself. What should be included in order to give your business the best chance to be noticed in the online space? And how do you decide which website theme or designer to use?; there are so many, and you may feel your lack of technical skills renders you unqualified to choose wisely.

These issues can be addressed by developing your own website and you can do so successfully with the following infographic “50 Features Every Small Business Website Must Have” by 99MediaLab. This infographic is designed to take you through the entire process of planning, designing and implementing your website. Non-technical in concept, features are described in a clear and concise fashion, and full details on each aspect of website building and layout are provided. You will learn what to include in the headers and footers and in the “above/below the fold” sections, what constitutes the inner pages and how to blog effectively.

A well designed website is a priority in business these days; there is no more effective tool when it comes to customer acquisition, and it is crucial in helping a business build credibility and brand awareness. A poorly designed site will have negative consequences for your business, the most negative of which will be an absence of traffic to your site in favor of your competitor's.

Following the tips in this infographic will result in an effective, efficient website which will enable you to build your small business in the online marketplace.

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