Summarizing lengthy content for blogs is not easy, bloggers need to learn this skill properly to come up with high-quality and precise pieces of writing. Summarizing is a common talent that helps you at any point in your life, either a student life or a professional.

The term summarizing is a process to rewrite some already written article into a more concise manner in your own words. The process sounds easy but when it comes to shrinking an article, writers find it hard. This is because writing a summary is not just rewriting or paraphrasing content.

5 Tips for bloggers to summarize large content

Let us show you how to summaries an article step-by-step so you can master your writing in less time. Read on to learn how!

1. Begin by reading the conclusion

The first and foremost step in writing a summary is understanding the core concept of the whole written article and you can have a better idea of it by first studying the conclusion. Since this is effectively the writer's own overview of their work, it makes it easy for you in extracting a summary.

As a summary is a brief version of the material you'll be reading, the article's conclusion is meant to help you understand what the author is saying. Conclusion paragraphs mainly include some background information, a concise description of the issue or topic, and the aim or results of writing.

2. Keep it short and engaging

The purpose of the summary is to inform the reader up front what the article is about. Therefore, the opening sentence of the summary is a great place to establish your ideal. As a result, your summary won't be as long as usual.

Two to five sentences are considered optimum for a summary. You don't need any more than this to get your message across.

You should avoid using words and phrases that lead nowhere. So, avoid using needless words and try to engage readers as much as possible.

3. Show Readers Why Your Material Is significant

Despite focusing on ‘How’ your content is significant for readers, you need to show ‘Why’ readers must read your content. Therefore, try to start your summary in a way that shows your readers you are solely writing to help them and make them read along with the blog post.

It will be helpful to convince forthcoming readers that your blog post is the foremost place where they can receive certain and credible information.  This should be your target so that you can attract a lot of target readers.

4. Avoid disclosing everything

An excellent tip for writing blog article summaries is to avoid giving away everything in the summary. As a result, your viewers' chance of reading the full blog article will be reduced; that's definitely not the purpose of writing a summary. In order to push your viewers to read the entire piece, try to keep the other highlights, such as suggestions and guidelines, in the body of your content.

The more readers you attract by following these guidelines on how to summaries blog post content, the more likely they will become possible clients in the future in no time.

5. Make some final edits

Once you have written a summary, proofread it twice, and don’t think you are done here. If you find any unnecessary information and terms, try to exclude them to make them more direct and briefer.

As you have already mentioned, the optimal length of a summary must not be more than 7 to 8 sentences. So, you need to compose a summary as short as possible without losing the context of the whole article.

You may find it difficult, but do not worry, online summary generating tools are here to cover you. There are a number of tools you can find for writing up a summary for free and saving your time and effort but not all of them give accurate results. So, you must choose carefully.

We are mentioning a couple of best tools below so that you do not have to spend time finding the best tool for writing a summary.

Best Summarizing Tools

When you’re needed to summaries any article or paragraphs in your own terms, one of these summary generators might become fundamental in providing efficient services. Their user-friendly layout and precise algorithms play a significant part in summary writing.

You can generate the finest summaries that include all the key points with the aid of this online summarizing tool. The excellent feature of the tool is that you can cut/paste text and add article/blog URLs directly onto its display.

If you're looking for a summarizing tool in multiple file formats, this tool supports a list of file formats such as doc, Docx, pdf, and txt. You may also alter the summarizing ratio to create a variation in descriptions and unique summaries in a split second as it uses AI technology.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Unlimited usage for free.
  • The provided text can be summarized and marked with important terms.

Summarizer summarizing tool is a wonderful choice if you don't mind getting hit with ads. This online summarizing tool offers summary generation in multiple languages, and it does not have a word limit.

No matter if it's a lengthy article, blog, or any other piece of writing, this application reduces and sets them into brief and meaningful paragraphs. Furthermore, has the fastest advanced algorithms that not only provide safety of your content but also give results in no time.


  • Comes with the greatest Ai technology in the market.
  • Word count feature is available
  • Free to use with no word limit
  • Enhance the readability of the summary
  • Show bullets and best lines


You may directly view and read your text using Scholarcy, an online summary tool that splits your text into smaller pieces in seconds.

For learners, writers, and other experts, this is the most widely utilized tool for rapid and simple understanding of the key ideas of a paper or a report. And then a quick summary can also be generated using this software.

You can download a Word or PDF version of the report, paper, or article summary. Moreover, to extract reports, and images you can set up the program such that it links to free access versions of the sites.


  • This tool is accessible in both a free and a premium edition, you can choose one depending on your preference
  • Additional suggestions are suggested by the tool.
  • Highlights significant parts in the text because of the tool's built-in functionality.
  • This tool is responsible for creating the summary that is referred to in the text.
  • Tables and figures may be extracted in generated summary.

Wrapping up

Bloggers and content writers who are charged with writing an article, blog, product overview, or descriptive paragraph must have an effective way of summarizing their findings. Writing a summary is important for convincing readers to read a complete post, therefore, you must be a pro in writing up a summary as a blogger.

Using these summarizing tips will make it simpler for you to create instant summaries of your material, and we strongly recommend that bloggers and content writers utilize summarizing tools for getting a better, brief, and unique summary to put it in the blog's conclusion section.

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