How To Build A Website For Maximum Conversions

E-commerce websites are designed for conversion as if their lives depended on it — which they do, since without online revenue, e-commerce businesses are out of business.

For companies with lead generation websites, it’s a different story. Conversion optimization is one priority among many, competing for a voice internally against other priorities like branding, positioning, human resources, etc.

An intensive study undertaken by our Internet marketing agency should give these companies something serious to think about. It turns out, based on analysis of more than 600,000 conversions, that 84 percent of them occur on the first visit.

That’s an astounding percentage, and should give pause to any organization that aspires to drive sales leads through its website. If the visitor isn’t won over on the first visit, odds are it’s over, period.

The need for highly effective converting websites inspired the slide presentation below, 10 Ways To Make Your Lead Generation Website Convert On The First Visit. It discusses in some detail the most important ways to make visitors reach out via phone or form submission the first time around.

The many tips fall into these categories: content, navigation, imagery, credibility, personal style, calls to action, form design, phone number placement, testing and mobile design. Some of these tips are “big picture” ideas, while others dive deep into the trenches of web design technique.

Going through the motions with conversion optimization is not an option for any business that needs a pipeline full of leads. We hope the presentation helps you fill yours to the brim! Read it here:

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Brad Shorr is Director of Content Strategy at Straight North, an Internet marketing agency that provides SEO and PPC services. His articles have appeared on scores of major industry publications including Forbes and Entrepreneur.

Brad was recently featured on our sister site writing on the topic:
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