Sales and marketing. Two essential and equally important departments within your business which handle both the defence and the offence when it comes to the front-line of your business against the rest of the world.

Successfully managing these departments is no easy feat, but with the right level of investment and the right resources in the right places, this level of success is much more easily achieved. Here to give you a helping hand are ten top skills and tools that your departments should be taking advantage of.

Skill – Pushing Their Limits

When it comes to business, success is defined by which company can give the best customer experience to their leads.

“When it comes to your departments, one of their main focuses needs to be whether or not they are giving the best customer experience possible and how far they’re willing to go give it,” shares Abbie Millett, a PR manager for UK Writings and Study Demic writer.

Tool – LinkedIn

This Microsoft-owned social media platform is all about business, marketing and sales to get your employees on board. Whether it’s about keeping up to date with the latest industry trends or targeting potential leads, this is a tool your business should be using.

Skill – Ability to Use Data

Regardless of what department you’re referring to, the ability to consume and analysis data is essential. This firm grasp of being able to manage information is so important and can dramatically influence your employee’s ability to make successful decisions.

Tool – Yesware

Waiting for leads and targeted leads to respond to your emails can be mind-numbing, and counterproductive if it goes on too long. Instead, try using Yesware, a simple application that tracks emails so you can be sure whether they have been opened or not.

Skill – Accuracy in Work

Accuracy is one of the most important skills that your employees need to master. For example, consider how much content your departments produced, whether it’s a written email to a lead or blog content for your website.

It’s essential in these areas that your employees are accurate and check their work for mistakes and errors by proofreading, or risk damaging the reputation of your business. To improve your employee’s proofreading skills, or for more proofreading assistance, check out these online tools:

My writing way and Via Writing – online writing and proofreading guides for better writing

Paper Fellows – online editing tool for accurate communication

Essay roo and StateofWriting – business email formatting tips and tool

Boom essays and Academ advisor – content editing and proofreading tool for business writers

Tool – Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a high-performance marketing and sales tool that lets you track and receive notifications on predetermined keywords that you set, allowing you to easily keep everybody in your teams up to date with the latest trends and content, which is beneficial for obvious reasons.

Skill – Constant Learning

The saying ‘you learn something new every day’, should be ‘you should learn something new every day’. The world of business is a constantly changing landscape with new innovations and developments happening nearly every day, changes that you and your departments need to aware of.

Tool – Content Writing Tools

No matter what task you’re carrying out, you can be sure there’s a tool or skill that can make that process easily. For example, handling, producing and checking content in your business is one tedious and time-consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be.

Using content writing tools, such as the ones listed and featured at Eliteassignmenthelp website, you’ll be able to focus you and your team’s attention on the more important aspects of your business.

Skill – Time Management

Time management is one of the most important business skills there is. Let’s say your sales rep is talking to a lead but it doesn’t look like the sale is going anywhere. If you’ve got leads of your system that are far more likely to make a purchase, it’s up to your sales rep to take the initiative and target the more effective sales.

Tool – SalesLoft

The more information your sales and marketing departments have on their prospects and target markets, the better they can do their job. You also need to make sure this information is accurate, honest and up to date. The SalesLoft database is all of these things and more, giving your departments a wealth of information with just a few clicks.

Freddie Tubbs

Freddie Tubbs is a digital marketing consultant currently working at Australian help. He regularly takes part in online marketing conferences and contribute expert tips to online magazines and blogs, such as the Vault, Academized and Big Assignments.


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