Tool Belt – What I Use To Build A Million Dollar Business

Disclosure:  Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links (some are free), and I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.  Please understand that I have experience with all of these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.  Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.

These are tools I'm using today to build my OWN business and brand. I will be referencing this page a lot and this page should update as tools come and go.

These tools are to save you time, headache, and help you grow as a business. You can either USE TOOLS or BE THE TOOL….. I personally rather use a hammer to drive in a nail.. and not be the hammer.

#1 – Start Here -> Blog + Mindset Training + Marketing Funnel








My #1 recommendation and the MAIN vehicle that allowed me to retire from engineering….

Empower Network:

This is my main recommendation for anyone coming in that is NEW or Experienced. It's a blogging platform FOR affiliates unlike or which you don't own and they do NOT Like affiliates. It's affiliate marketing friendly since you can plug in your own AWEBER account to get the leads and market to them however you like.

For the experienced marketer this has high % commissions and BUILT in funnel with top end upsells on the backend. My Life Time Value for customers (LTV) for 12months in empower as of May 2012 is $1,040. So EACH customer unit I sell (blogging system) I average about $1,040…. this is very hard to do unless you build your OWN funnels.

I never really understand LTV (Life Time Values) of customers or cared.. I just wanted to make some money to pay for my toys (videogames) as a start… If I could generate another $100/month I could get 1-2 games and not feel guilty I was taking money away from the kiddos.

The FUNNEL… the actual marketing grew and grew on me… Understanding numbers games are based on understanding what are the IMPORTANT numbers. “Trying” to make money through Direct sales, MLM, Affiliate Marketing didn't really make sense cause it would take Monstrous numbers to make 10k/month…. doing it one month then back to back months didn't make sense…

It comes down to a funnel you can leverage and build on.

Higher front end commissions

Higher leverage income through teams

Higher back end upsells

All wrapped in a company that DOES marketing … not just tell you to go “talk to your friends and family“.

This is why I focus on funnels and teach marketing funnels to my students. Get Start on your First and BEST way to make money online, even part time like I did here -> Click To Get Started


Blog Hosting (“this” website moved to dedicate managed wordpress here

Here is an interesting service… many people people don't use the right hosting company or don't have a hosting company with good support. I figured they are all the same … until i needed help.. hahah

I was at another place… starts with an “i” and to not put shame to them.. had HUGE issues.

Moved to hostgator, had some gzip issues with cache wordpress programs but the directed me to how to fix (they even did it for me) really quickly. Can't beat that type of service. Shoot, Calling them at MIDNIGHT when I crashed a server and getting to speak with a tech over the phone and having them look at it real time was neat.

Just make sure you use someone who has support, isn't going to charge you an arm and a leg, and will work with you. At one time I had over 50 websites running just fine on a shared host until the traffic started to spike, and now this and all of my sites are on dedicated servers.

**update feb 2014** (using wordpress managed hosting now)
Since being with them on a dedicated server for almost a year paying nearly $200/month… I think it's overkill…
Had some recent attacks on the system and Hostgator put up a 2nd layer of security to help it.

Then started seeing some other issues and timing out… so I decided to MOVE my main site (this site to here for 2 reasons. dedicated speed and professional wordpress support. I won't do a full review until I have been with them a bit longer.)

After moving to Hostgator baby plan for my smaller sites… all heck broke loose and a malware attack happened bringing my site to a crawl.. Hostgator thought it was me… but I could show them that it wasn't…

HINT: if you are a customer don't accept the first answer if your gut feeling is that something is wrong. 2 people from support told me it's ME who was slowing down the site… and they restricted my service… only to find out it was malware that snuck in (I suspect during the migration to the baby plan) and then there was another attack

Hostgator finally said:
” it would appear that an inbound attack was mitigated on this server yesterday which may have resulted in Apache being restarted for short periods of time.”

So looks like they might have the situation fixed… but after years of loyal service I'm looking at moving my sites.. and doing approaches.

1) site for my blog hosted on a dedicated wordpress site
2) my capture page sites on another server

Main reason to do this is so both systems won't go down… I've had this happened and i didn't have the ability to divert my traffic… it sucked…

And then there was the issue of speed…. Check out my results


Here is my full on test and comparison from SPEED to Cost (from HostGator to WPengine)

Capture Page Systems

I've use a couple in the past and still use them in a variety of different situations and you will need 1 if you plan to:

1) ever do paid traffic.

2) want to get on Facebook paid ads, Google paid ads… You need a capture page system

For – Split Testing, Click Tracking, Increasing Lead Conversion and Sales Conversions

For basic capture pages it's one of the fastest and easiest ones to use.

It won't do full on sales funnels but if you need

– Capture page (with click tracking and split testing)
– Thank you page
– Webinar invitation pages
– Facebook Page Tab
– Basic Sales pages

Here is my Full Article Writeup On Leadpages


  • Full Customization – Optimize Press

The difference between Optimize Press and anything else is depth.

Optimize press can do a couple things like

  1. membership sites
  2. launch pages
  3. sales page
  4. capture pages

It's got a lot more built in functionality and best for those on a tight budget since it's a ONE Time payment to own the product.
It's useful when wanting to build a couple sites and each site you can manage the pages within.

The key is that you turn wordpress PAGES into special pages… just  like in WPSP but it can do an overall THEME>..

It was just updated to Version 2.0 (works a bit differently now)

I've been using Version 1.0 for couple years now and still runs strong. but upgraded recently.

Here is a site built on OptimizePress 1.0 (even though optimize 2 is out)
Example of a optimize press membership site – click here

Capture, Sales, Thank you, launch funnel, membership site, content delivery all built on optimize press.

In terms of ease, it's probably not the easiest tool I've used, but it's one that is pretty flexible and can be learned. Especially for the price, it's hard to beat.

One of the biggest things it can do that no other software can do is

— Affiliate coded pages and specialty tracking. [Advanced]
this is pretty advanced but is so dang helpful when scaling out your business.

Click Here to get OptimizePress for your sites


Sending Emails In “Mass”

Send Your First Email Newsletter Today – AWeber Communications

*if you are already a list owner and have aweber… You should consider this extra tool I'm using with Aweber that does
– 1 click opt in
– when followup up ends I move them
– automatically backup leads
– automatically remove unsubscribes (to save on your total cost per month)
– track buyers easier (you know it's an issue)
– MOVE a subscriber from 1 list to another (lead -> buyers list)

Here is the tool that you add on top of Aweber (click here to see training)

So what exactly is an “email autoresponder”?  Auto meaning it can and WILL send emails on your behalf as long as you do 2 things.

  • send as a follow up series that goes out depending on WHEN that person subscribed to your newsletter
  • send as a broadcast and is sent to ALL people regardless if they have been in the newsletter 1 day or 5 years…

As long as you understand these 2 principles… let's get with WHY you need this.

  1. If you are in network marketing… ALL traffic, leads, members you send to that company… THEY OWN.. they won the server, the data, AND YOUR CONTACTS… don't believe me? I got kicked out of a company cause I was making money BEFORE joining them and they didn't like it. So they kicked me and told me I couldn't talk to MY people I brought in.. Crazy but true. You BETTER make sure you have your Contact List YOU own.
  2. Who has time to copy 50 people to an email.. let alone 15,000. At times I'll send emails to over 20,000 people… how in the HECK an you do that through gmail adding people? You can't… and the BIGGEST REASON?

Marketing Can SPAM rules….

You Must give your readers the Ability to “Remove Themselves” so you can no longer email them. If you just email them with Gmail, there is no way to UNSUBSCRIBE… and you can get in hairy water if you continue doing marketing that way.Unsolicited emails are a NO NO.

This has gotta be one of the greatest tools on planet earth. I'm not sure how my business would run without the tight integration I use with Gmail. Okay fine, sure there are others but not the way I use gmail with macs, androids, and iPads PLUS run a million dollar business on a FREE TOOL!

I can't tell you how many times I've seen other people use a email server and to see it go down due to them not paying their monthly email fees or it just going DOWN and dying. In the last couple years of using gmail it has been my reliable little friend.

Back in 1996 I remember using hotmail (which is now part of msn products) but hotmail was the CRAP. it was free, had good storage and was fast (fast back in the day is relative when your running on a 14.4k dial up modem). Technology has changed and Gmail is my staple.

It integrates with my google calendar, google drive, and hangouts


Keyword Research Tools

Ah, my good friends… the Keyword tools I use 😉

Let's start with the FREE OPTION from google:

So this tool is where everyone starts and basically leverages as it's the actual data from Google. This is good and bad.

I won't go too deep into this and will have more trainings on straight up keywords but here is something to chew on.

  1. Pro
    1. it's free
    2. it's fast
    3. it has some basic stats most need
  2. Con
    1. doesn't properly track competition (not going to help you RANK or prepare you for stiff competition)
    2. doesn't show backlinks, social links from your competitors
    3. seasonal searches like Black Friday or like Halloween will throw you off if your checking out of season as there is HUGE traffic just it's seasonal.



This is the next logical step up.

I have learned a lot from what they call their “dojo”. The foundations of on page seo and backlinking (which is slightly changing now in 2013+ from Google updates)

It has much better detailed analysis and you can start digging into your competitors stuff 😉

but… it's missing one CRITICAL component needed for ranking in Google with SEO….


  • SeCockpit – Cloud Based Keyword Research WITH Competition Analysis

So I've been a member of this software for a LONG time.

Let's just get to why I use it

  • Super Fast compared to others (in terms of competition digging)
  • Digging into my competitors “bizness”, basically I know what they are doing
  • Quickly determining if I can win

See, just determining if you have traffic at a keyword is just the FIRST step, the main step is …. CAN YOU WIN?

and this is where SEcockpit does it by looking at SEMOZ data AND backlinks AND social links all at the same time.

Other tools you have to manually pull up EACH keyword to see who much “JUICE” they have, this program does a sweeping AT A GLANCE detailed competition very quickly to help you decide if it's worth your time to … Go to war with the other top 10 sites.


Get your copy of Secockpit Here
Keyword Research Done Right


Outsource Calling

I have a better write up here… so Before You are Looking To Buy MyPhoneRoom Click Here and watch some stats

Who should be using this service

  1. If you have more leads than you can call (i don't mean calling once.. I mean CALLING them at LEAST 8 times, 8 days in a row)
  2. If you have your business running where you have enough traffic and just need more qualified people going through your funnel.
  3. Saving time by NOT speaking to deadbeats, tire kickers, the DEAD broke…. this makes you more money by spending more time with your BEST prospects, clients, customers.
  4. I have literally used them for years to build multiple businesses to SCREEN data.. people who say they want  help … but do they really? If they don't even have $25/month what is the point? They need a job.

Here it is – My Phone Room Bonus

I will give you my scripts…. 6

And I do not have these scripts available ANYWHERE ELSE…. Exclusive to customers who purchase my phone room from me personally.

I have a script I base all my scripts on. – you will get this

    • Numis Network Script when I hit 4 star
    • Visalus Sciences script that I based off of J. Joshua Beistle's script
    • Empower Network upgrade script. How I take a $25 customer and upgrade to higher packages
    • Empower Network cold traffic script
    • Empower Network script to have team members called to attend events
    • Empower Network unpaid script for members who stop short of purchasing

Click Here To Buy My Phone Room

Video Capture (and Screen Capture) Software – *it be FREE

It's free for one. (Get Jing)

Has some limitations but a LOT of that is overlooked due to ease of use.

– 5min max video recordings

– quick desktop snapshots AND you can add arrows and annotations AND highlights on it quick


Those alone makes it a MUST have if you plan to communicate to you Virtual Assistants for mock ups.. .trust me 😉

Now there are some issues with the free option, they I believe did away with the paid version and now call it something else. I won't focus on that one as I don't use it.

Jing is pretty cool cause it sits on your top tray (on a max it's the bar at the VERY VERY top)

Check out a sample of a screen shot (click image to expand it)


I basically did this in ONE program

  1. screen capture
  2. highlighted
  3. red pointed arrow
  4. text
  5. download ready for online use

To me that is completely RAD!

now… the Video recording feature has some limitations like 5min record time and having a MAX of how many people can view it. So don't be shooting these videos so a lot of people are there to SEE IT. I did one for facebook and maxed the views on it like the same day. I'm not sure where they are going to go with it now but I'm pretty sure this feature is more used for a couple people seeing something vs a LOT of people.

 Click Here To Get Jing for free



Cloud Based Storage


Now who and why would someone need a dropbox or cloud based storage.

  1. store anything from photos to documents
  2. easy integration from all of your computers to one file storage
  3. even integrates well with mobile devices

Here are some cool ideas i've used personally

  1. storing video footage for my video editor in Malaysia
  2. storing a private backup document of all of my important files (sales copy, accounting, quickbooks, notes… all of it and no one has access to it)
  3. you can take photos on your phone and be automatically backedup on dropbox
  4. I have a folder of goodies I share with my private consulting clients

It's free up to 2gb

to get more you can refer people to it. Here is my referral which gives me an additional 500mb Thanks!



    • Google Drive (free to use)

I haven't had a need to use Microsoft Office since leaving my engineering Gig. Even when I was working on my mac I wanted to get away from the super expensive Microsoft Office package. And THIS was the solution

    • Spreadsheets (main use)
    • Text Documents
    • Presentation
    • Forms

I use it a LOT for my assistants and outsourcers to share ideas and work on joint projects.

This is the main way I coordinate with my operations manager and my sales team. I have numbers run and numbers crunched through these free software packages. It's a MUST have in my opinion.

Get your google account setup here for free. click here
Then connect to your google drive here for free. click here


Need Help Than Just Tools?

Facebook me or leave a comment below and tell me what you are looking help with and I can craft a method to helping  you personally.


Got a Suggestion For A Tool/Service?

Got tools I need to add to my tool box? Leave a comment and I'd love to see if it will fit in my tool box and how I market.


Engineering Your Success,
Lawrence Tam

PS. follow me on facebook and learn from my trainings AND interact with me personally 😉


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  1. Thanks Lawrence for these great resources. I do use a few of them already, but some I have never tried or didn’t even know about. Great value.

  2. Great article Lawrence. Really love all the resources and tools that you use to build your success. Now that Empower Network has the Kalatu Premium, I’ve really love that platform as it has a ton of built tools. I think the most important aspect is using the tools to get the results in our business. Thanks for sharing your tips and strategies!

  3. thanks these are great tools, am using some of them, i did know about the jinx from tech smith but know i get mine from you! I am grateful to have someone like you around! be blessed!

  4. Great info thanks!  I have downloaded dropbox and I am learning how to use it.  I use google mail and keyword search tool. I use aweber.  When should we move our EN blog to our own hosting site?  Thank you for sharing these tools!

    1. you should move when you got a handle on content creation. site creation is a whole new thing and what EN does well… get you into content creating faster… not site creating.

  5. Hi Lawrence
    Yes your bootcamp was AAA+ thanks. I will do a video for you but that will be in a couple of days.
    I did not get to see the last video as Youtube have taken it down. But your notes and the other videos were crisp and crystal clear. It’s a very motivating way that you present your stuff. I am
    impressed with your straight talking and the way you give it all! There is no sleaze.

    I have got the trial run of Market Samurai. I have upgraded to plus on tribepro. I love your tool set above thanks for the recommendation.

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