Instagram Class – Where To Send Visitors

instagram where to send visitors

Instagram is a great place to generate an audience and even generate web traffic.

The purpose of this is so you do NOT have to keep changing the link shown on your Instagram Bio.

If pointing link to your blog. Don't send to your Top Level as that is a waste of your traffic. Instead send to your actual blog post


Top Level =
Blog Post =

*please excuse the facebook live audio sync issue… I didn't do it on purpose 😉


Instagram Class – Where To Send Visitors?

Posted by Lawrence Tam on Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Link Shorteners

  1. Bitly
  2. TinyUrl
  3. *
  4. PrettyLink *
  5. Domain Forwarding
    1. NameCheap *
    2. Godaddy
  6. Professional Trackers, Rotators
    1. Clickmagic *
  7. Kalatu (powered by Empower Network)
    1. Linkify (under plugins & applications)

*These are the services I personally use

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You are an Affiliate Marketer, and you want to LEARN HOW to build your own traffic (this is your business model)
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If you are a business owner and only wanting to get Instagram traffic but not necessarily learn it (I'm here to help)
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2 thoughts on “Instagram Class – Where To Send Visitors

  1. Martin Andre says:

    Your email brought me here. I left a comment on your Facebook post, But let’s not forget commenting here 🙂

    Great content Lawrence! Appreciate the insight. Literally… I want to be like you when I grow up. Great class. Thanks !

    1. Lawrence Tam says:

      hahahahah.. thanks for commenting on the Facebook post at

      I god a couple of questions about Instagram so I wanted to hold small mini classes on Instagram (easy to understand and actionable).

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