6 Things You Didn’t Know About Leading Internet-Based Initiatives

6 Things You Didn't Know About Leading Internet-Based Initiatives
What if I said that you could create meaningful social impact from home? Contrary to popular belief, there is a worthwhile alternative to "armchair activism." While doubts about "slacktivism" are well-founded, the truth is that the Internet has redefined social entrepreneurship by breaking down preexisting barriers to entry. Now, anyone - regardless of age or industry knowledge - can meaningfully change the world. Internet-based impact can actually rival on-the-ground change; the key is to...

How Company Culture Can Achieve Your Mission

There are thousands of do-it-yourself seminars, books, and articles to help entrepreneurs achieve success. Business leaders continually look for the latest advancements and insights into what can make their company great. But sometimes the answer can be right underneath your nose, and it’s one of the most inherent, yet commonly overlooked aspects of a company. (more…)

21 Actionable Content Marketing Tips from The Experts (That Actually Work)

Read the title of this article again. … Done? Okay. I bet, When you read the word “Content Marketing”, you think about blogs, articles, social media posts, emails, Infographics and viral YouTube videos. Right? But content marketing is more than that. Content marketing is all about storytelling – and humans have told stories for as long as they could speak. Remember the days when you were kid, your grandparents, parents, and school teachers have been telling you stories to...

20 Brutal Truths About Pursuing Your Dreams Nobody Wants To Admit

When I decided to really make a go of becoming a travel blogger, I was completely oblivious to the realities of doing something on my own. I thought I'd get to see a few places, make a few friends, and write extensively about every detail. Wrong. This summer my car broke down in Phoenix, my boss laid me off (and screwed me out of $600), and I racked up debt getting from one end of the country to the other. I also hardly got to write at all because I was so busy. Look, we all know that p...

How to Use Social Media Optimally to Stay Ahead in Your Business

Social media presence of your business is a very significant marketing tool. Since social media is a huge marketing tool, many companies are using their website development and design in order to attract customers. Social networking sites have thousands of active and registered users, which indicate that using social networking websites is a smart decision to promote your business. Everyone knows that social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook have lots of users that use them on a...

How to Create a Lean Business Using Kanban

If efficiency is your goal, then Kanban is hands-down the way to go. It follows the concept of continuous improvement, and can push your development cycle to its full potential. In Kanban, you’re encouraged to improve everything about your normal business processes, all the way from development to the shipment of your final product. The solution is simple. You are to eliminate any factors or elements that waste time, money and investments. Through constant revisions, you cut out anything that...

Why Link Building is so important for SEO

There are lots of ways to increase the revenue your website generates. Some inbound marketing experts recommend adding an sms message service in order to reach new audiences more effectively. However, before you add automated sms to your funnel, it's worth making sure that you are doing everything possible to grow your website's traffic, and profitability, as organically as possible. SEO is seen as an almost-magical process to some, but the reality is that there are some fairly straightforwar...

LeadPages Review – Landing, Webinar and Sales Pages Made Easy

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If you are looking for a comprehensive LeadPages review, you have come to the right place. LeadPages is basically an online software program that allows you to create beautiful landing pages as well as manage, apply and track your marketing campaigns. You would think any old sales page template or opt-in box would do - that is, if you are an amateur marketer. Professionals and aspiring professionals alike understand that need for proven, quality pages with high conversion rates. The ability to ...

How Investing in Design Can Help Marketers Navigate Influencer Marketing Legal Traps

It was only a matter of time. As folks became celebrities through non-traditional means, brands jumped at the opportunity to have these influencers promote their products and services. This flavor of influencer marketing, seen most frequently via social media, is really just an old twist on celebrity spokespeople. The difference is that those celebrities were (almost) always bolstering brands in overt marketing -- things like TV commercials or magazine print ads. There was no mistaking their ...