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Winsome · January 26, 2012 at 7:51 pm

I watched your video and find it rather interesting. I am new to the marketing business and is struggling to make ends meet since i have not worked since 2007. I am an independent representative of a company know as 5linx. Why? because my daughter had to drop out of college at the beginning of her final year because she her loan was not approved. Now i must find a way to help her pay back the amount owing which is over $100,000 as her wage is $350 bi-weekly and the loan company is requesting $1,300. I am desperately in need of help as her first payment is due on February 14th. Should i sign up with you would i be given a contact information in case i should have some form of difficulty. It may sound silly, but i am writing out of desperation. I am willing to give it a shot but i have tried a few systems and they failed me. kindly respond

    Lawrence Tam · January 31, 2012 at 7:46 am

    as a friend would say… NEVER run a business out of desperation.. that is NOW what you want to do and the added stress is going to kill you.

    if you can’t get college loans… don’t go to that school… sorry… I’m on the mindset there is NO need to kill yourself to get a college education that is going to maybe pay you 50k when you get out… because if your not qualified for loans or scholarships now there is probably a slimmer chance your getting a free ride in grad school

    there is NO shame in going to trade school or a community college due to funding..

    better yet go to the military to get a GI bill and get college paid for that way. your daughter won’t hate you for NOT paying for college..

    you can take out loans for college… you can’t take out loans for your retirement…