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Every $30k/month and Above Earner Has The “Mass Influence Formula”

As a Bonus I want you to hit your goals Faster, I have built this exclusive Masters Facebook Group. It is ONLY available to those who I sponsor at Masters or Passes up to me. This Facebook group is my baby and is CLOSED to the public. Once you get mass influence message me personally for access.


What goes on in there? Why do I want in?

  1. Exclusive monthly calls/hangouts
  2. Exclusive LIVE workshops where you come to my office and we break down what is working now
  3. Exclusive access to the Facebook private group which reveals my teams and my own case study's of what we are working on today
  4. Exclusive Master Class which I run a class, assign homework and run a LIVE private hangout with those who do the work. Basically taking you back to college 😉
  5. Priority Access to me and in my Private Facebook Group.
  6. Exclusive discounts to my high end training… sometimes as much as $1,500+ just because you have masters.
  7. and MORE to come 😉

Why the Emphasis on Mass Influence Formula?

I with all my heart, feel those who want to change their lives financially will get the Mass Influence Formula Course. Statistically speaking, all of the top earners who have made at LEAST $30k in Empower all have the Mass Influence Course…. Period. It's just a fact now. not theory.

Those who commit to their business, have paid for their OWN business in going “All In”, and are ready to run… have the BEST chance of having massive success in Empower (Over $10k earned). I have seen so many people and it's just more common than uncommon for those to have all the products and show up and do the work…. they have an exponential chance of making more money in our industry.


Quick Tip :

First 7 days you will want to do 75% MARKETING and 25% Learning. Daily.


Engineering Your Success,
Lawrence Tam
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PS. 8 Core Steps In Empower That You MUST Follow To Be A High End Income Producer

*income disclaimer – results not typical but we are a shining example of what is possible ;)*