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Finding The Right Instagram Alternative: 55 Apps for Social Sharing + Filters

Instagram is one of the hottest editing apps for mobile devices right now. It is exclusively mobile; you can't edit or share photos on the web, though you can view it on the web. Though it is a popular app, people have begun to search for an Instagram alternative that suits their needs and photo editing style.

Instagram has a huge community of followers. The following has built up massive momentum over the past few years. The nice thing about having a huge following is that you are more likely to find people you know on Instagram. You can share, tag, and send messages to others with Instagram accounts. However, with a huge following there is also going to be an inevitable diluting of the quality of content being streamed on Instagram.

Sharing photos on other social media platforms is a must. You can share on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

Over the years, Instagram has added a couple more filters, an entire video section, geo-tagging, inboxes and a few other perks. However, for some people it is not enough. Some think that there are not enough filters, or options with filters. There is such a thing as too much choice, but some discerning photo app users want some more options.

That doesn't thwart the hundreds of other apps vying to be the next big Instagram alternative.

The key is to finding the right Instagram alternative. (more…)