Layoff Letter Does Not Mean The End Of Life

The worst nightmare of most people in formal employment is getting that layoff letter. To most people, it means the end of life. To me, it means the start of new life of flexibly making money from home.

The modern advent of technology has led to the loss of many jobs because the services which were previously offered by an individual can now be offered by computer or other machines. Nobody would like it but it does happen; you can receive that layoff letter today, tomorrow, next week or next year. Are you prepared for it?

If you get that layoff letter today, will you be able to fuel and maintain your car, pay your water and electricity bills, pay for your house rent, pay for your children’s educational fees, go for holiday and generally live a good life? The answer to this question depends on how well you are prepared based on what you will learn from this article.


Don't Fear The Layoff Letter But Embrace It

A layoff letter can cause stress or even heart attack to people who are not prepared for the same. To me, it should usher a smile because it means more time of making money online. Once you are laid off, questions like ‘why me?’ ‘Why at this time?’ and such related questions will only make the matters worse and injure your health further. (more…)