So every month I have been sending out a newsletter to keep you up to date with what is going on in the business, travels family and fun random stuff.

This month was pretty relaxed. Not as much traveling as the summer but I have been able to focus on some major launches. More info below.

Let's keep it short and sweet this time shall we?
This month I went to three concerts with the wifey back to back from Wednesday to Friday. It felt like high school all over again.
Depeche Mode. Who doesn't love these cats?
Kelly Clarkson Opened for Marron 5. That woman has a voice!
These guys rock. Such talent.
During these awesome concerts there was always something on my mind…. Want to know what that was? They all have something in common. Passion, love for music and a dream… Look at them now. Performing and living the life they want. You think these guys started with the vision for getting this big and making millions? To be WORLD WIDE famous? No probably not… they knew they wanted to share with people their excitement for music and yes make something out of it but I highly doubt they knew it would get THIS big. It's my philosophy. Have a STRONG why, commit to it and don't give up cause it DOES fall into place.

I am still staying strong with doing some of this.
Which is followed by this…. Probably not the best choice… BUT IT'S GOOD!
Which lead to this..
Now for the fun stuff!

Something HUGE is coming. You can check out exactly what I am talking about. CLICK ON IMAGE BELOW

I will also be in Dallas October 18th weekend. You can buy tickets here if you want to join me and be a part of all the awesome things I am doing and working with. Highly recommended! These events are fun, educational, inspiring, real, direct and best of all you meet other's with their own success stories. We want you there.
Time for Team Shouts Outs!

As you will see… it's not just myself getting results. Below are a few  of my members who are blowing it up and making the life they want.

Heather Nichols:
$4,8000 day !
Miguel Jarrin:
Got 1036 leads in one day!
Traci Reuter:
Launched her first YouTube Ninja SEO training and product series to which she trained on, gained clients and made sales. 

These are just very few of my team members that have been able to make it happen through learning about Internet Marketing the right way. You can too!

Online Income Stats: 

After speaking with compliance I have been instructed to teach my students to NOT share so much of my OWN income stories and will be trimming back income stores on my students too.
Main reason for this is because opportunities are based on your personal effort, time, and skill set and even though I've made over a million dollars in empower it's not the mass market message that should be delivered.
I will instead be focused on “wins” that are on in a dollar increment 😉
This is also to comply with the FTC and other government bodies that are not the happiest campers when people generate a new life style outside of a JOB. I mean…. 
Who in today's economy does what I do??? It's mind boggling…
So to bring it to planet earth I am not going to be blasting out my incomes as much to “PROVE” it works… instead I'm going to show you what I'm doing with my team members “that work”

Build your OWN future and I'll be here to support you with our team, and systems. Let me show you that the above is possible for you too.

Engineering Your Success,

Lawrence Tam

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Roven · October 8, 2013 at 11:17 pm

LT…you look so handsome..I am honest. Appreciate your leadership & energy too..God bless!

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